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  1. I would like to add my request that an add-on to allow the instruments for the A2A PA28 Cherokee be supplied. I have the A2A 172 add-on, and would very much like to see an instrument set for the A2A Cherokee. thanks.
  2. I made a mistake. I downloaded the latest A2A C172 add on yesterday, the same problem is there. Looking into it I realized that the Nav flag problem is on the "Nav1Needle" gauge, not the Nav1 gauge as I previously reported. With an active VOR the Nav flag shows red. With an active ILS the Nav flag does not show. The GS flag shows correctly (not red anytime the GS is in range.) The problem appears to have crept in about the time I reported the FSUIPC update issue.
  3. The A2A 172 add on v 2.99 that you recently fixed when I reported the issue with FSUIPC 4.962 has a small issue with the Nav1 gauge. When NAV1 is operational and receiving a signal as shown by the needle working, the flag shows red. If NAV1 is tuned to an ILS the glide slope flag and the main flag both do not show red. NAV2 flag behaves as it should. Prior versions NAV1 flag worked completely as it should.
  4. The problem with some gauges working and some not turned out to be a firewall issue on the instrument computer. I'm not sure where it happened but some of the gauges had the firewall setting removed. So all is now working. Thank you for your help. Gene
  5. Before this episode I was not aware of the difference between ipcinit and ipcready. I'm guessing that Pete changed something in the way (or when) ipcinit starts. Regarding the gauges that are not working, I meant to ask, should I rebuild my A2A 172 panel with the gauges you supply? I don't understand why the gauges in my panel have all worked ever since the A2A add-on was released but some are not working now. I updated the A2A planes to the 1-17-17 update but I don't think they changed variable names. Is your A2A 172 up to date? I can't test this theory until tomorrow.
  6. This is the answer I received from Pete: -------- Without knowing what "ipcinit.lua" is doing I cannot help at all. I don't know why it is so secret! Nor do I understand why it needs to run before much else is ready in FS -- most everything should be started at ipcReady or later. When ipcInit is executed FS isn't ready at all. All it is suitable for is initialising some FS offsets. -------- Then I changed ipcinit.lua to ipcready.lua and retested. I should have done that with my previous tests. Sorry. Changing ipcinit.lua to ipcready.lua brought my controls back, and the guages that worked matched the plane's guages. I was able to make a test flight. However some guages did not work at all, the ones previously mentioned, plus the airspeed indicator. Do I need to do a re-build of the guages for the C172?
  7. OK, I guess my next step is to contact Pete Dowson again. It can't be my lua scripts because I removed them. They are not there. There is nothing fancy about my use of FSUIPC either. I have a PFC yoke and Saitek throttle quadrant, standard axis assignments. I see that AVSIM forum may be down part of tomorrow. It may be a couple days before getting back on this. Meanwhile I will contact Pete.
  8. I did have a bad install the other day, this morning I had time to do a complete re-install of simplugin and the A2A 172 add-on. Better, but still not completely working. Following are all the steps I did and the results. All testing with the A2A C172 and FSUIPC 4.962. 1) No lua, no simplugins. All flight & engine controls work. I did not fly the plane, just mechanically checked the controls. 2) Completely uninstall simplugins from both computers, through control panel. 3) Download & install Simplugins, and A2A add-on and interface, dual computer setup. 4) Start SP on instrument computer with 172 panel. 5) Start SP A2A FSUIPC interface on FS computer. Came up as v 2.99 6) Start FSX. Connect & start the interface. All guages load and appear correct. 7) Load A2A C172. 8) Flight controls (yoke, rudder pedals, throttle, mixture) do NOT operate on the plane. I open FSUIPC axis assignment. I use the "send direct" option. I tried changing the control to "send to FSX" option. Also controls did not work, made no difference. Checked the ipcinit.log file, no error posted. Also checked the FSUIPC log, no error there either. 9) Using the mouse to handle the throttle & mixture from the screen, I was able to start the 172. Here is the result of guages: RPM, oil pressure, oil temp, altimeter, Nav 1 & 2, all operate correctly and match the plane. The following guages did not operate at all: fuel level, fuel flow, egt, amps, vac, flaps, heading indicator. I could not test other guages since I had no operating controls. Where do I proceed from here?
  9. I will go back & reinstall simplugins from scratch, & then test again. It was late last night when I was testing, maybe my frustration level was clouding my work. i will post when I go through testing again.
  10. I hate to tell you I have bad news. Not quite there yet. I downloaded the update A2A C172 & installed. When I tested this version my flight and engine controls that I have configured through FSUIPC were disabled. The ipcinit.log showed no error, just "thread killed" when I terminated the program. I did the following tests: 1) Went into FSUIPC to see if FSUIPC could see the controls, which it did. FSUIPC showed the controls operating as they should but they did not move anything on the plane. 2) I tested the controls with the FSX default 172, no simplugins running, and the controls work as expected. 3) i removed all .lua files from the modules folder to a save area. Then the flight & engine controls worked on the A2A 172 and other planes as expected, no simplugins running. 4) I restored ipcinit.lua to the modules folder, but left off all other lua programs that I have written (only a couple anyway) to make sure they were not a source of the problem. Then I initialized the A2A 172 guages, loaded the plane, and started it using the mouse to operate the throttle & mixture. The plane started, The RPM guage operated but did not match the plane. Some other engine guages did not operate, but the ipcinit log did not show any error. I am at a loss as to what else to test. I wait to see what you might suggest. Thanks for looking at this. Gene
  11. I had been using FSUIPC 4.949f until 2 days ago when I upgraded to 4.962. Obviously something changed but I do not know when or what. The implication from Pete's reply to my post on the simflight forum is that it might have to do when Lua is started. In his reply to me Pete offered to communicate with you if it would be helpful.
  12. I have installed upgrades to my sim over the last couple days and encountered a problem with A2A C172 simplugin. I found the problem when I upgraded FSUIPC from 4.949f to 4.962. I had constructed my own set of guages for the A2A PA28 using guages from the A2A C172, plus a few others. This arrangement has been working fine since 2014 for both planes, I have been very happy with it. My sim: FSX with Windows 7, A2A latest update (1-17-17), FSUIPC 4.962, and just updated simplugin to 2.97 today. The failure is the same with previous simplugins 2.94 which I have been using for the last couple of years. The problem popped up when I upgraded FSUIPC from 4.949f to 4.962 a couple days ago. The PA28 RPM guage & a few other guages stopped working. Same result with the A2A C172. After trying various restore & updates I found the problem in the ipcinit.log here: ********* LUA: "ipcInit" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.962] ********* 2480 System time = 20/02/2017 10:38:04 2480 LUA: beginning "D:\FSX\Modules\ipcInit.lua" 2480 *** LUA Error: ipcinit_SOURCE.lua:36: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'HOBHR4' (a nil value) 2480 >>> Thread forced exit <<< 2480 System time = 20/02/2017 10:38:04 ********* LUA execution terminated: Log Closed ********* Since this worked with the previous version of FSUIPC I naturally contacted Pete Dowson on his forum (You can check my posting & his response there). Pete suspected a timing issue and suggested I rename "ipcinit.lua" to "ipcready.lua" and re-test. The guages then worked & the LUA error went away. However the real problem is failure to initialize HOBHR4 in your Lua program. Pete said that if you have any further question you may contact him via private email. I hope I have explained this sufficiently, I did a lot of testing to arrive at this conclusion. I also have some of my own controls coded in Lua. Gene
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