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  1. We are actively supporting all of our products. I suggest you e-mail us for support (support@simplugins.com). We do not monitor the forum everyday. Also I do not get any notifications anymore when a new post has been created. This has happened previously.
  2. What else do you need to know? I described how it works with Panel Builder on a second computer: - You have to install the Panel Builder Interface on your computer with FSX, which you did. - Panel Builder (with the instruments) can then go on any other computer in the network (including the same computer as FSX) What you want to do does not work. Why would installing Panel Builder on your laptop show the instruments on your FSX computer? This is 'back to front'. The Interface connects to FSX and sends data to the Panel Builder instruments.
  3. Is there anything else I can help with? I believe that I answered your question.
  4. Sorry, I'm not sure what you are trying to do. Are your trying to run Panel Builder on the laptop to offload it from your gaming computer? OF course the instruments would show up on the laptop. Why are you expecting to show them on the gaming computer if you want to offload them from there? Normally you would install the FSX Interface on your gaming computer and Panel Builder on a second computer (with the instruments showing there). Please clarify, then I can help. Also, we do have support via e-mail as well (support@simplugins.com).
  5. Panel Builder is no supporting P3D V4. There is an update available, V2.99 If you don't want to update, the P3D V3 Interface works as well (only simconnect). FSUIPC only works with the new Version of Panel Builder. Also, there is an update to the MFD GPS Add-on that fixed the flight plan issue. Update here: https://www.simplugins.com/html/gps.html Sorry about not responding earlier, I used to get notifications for new posts, but not any more.
  6. I haven't had a look into Aerofly 2 yet. I'll have a look if there is any interfacing possible.
  7. This is currently being fixed. Update coming shortly.
  8. This is currently being fixed. Update coming shortly.
  9. It has to run in window mode if you are using one computer with 2 monitors. If you have 2 computers with one monitor each, you can run FS2004 in full screen mode,
  10. We do not have a place for sharing panel layouts. The panels are saved in folders, so you would have to zip a folder and share it this way. Might be a good idea. The issue though is that it would rely on people having the same instrument sets (e.g. add-ons).
  11. Just as a side note, we just released version 2.98. One of the changes is a new FSUIPC Interface for FSX/P3D and the FSUIPC A2A Interface.
  12. The standard and A2A FSUIPC Interfaces are the same, except the configuration files are different and the A2A uses a LUA script to send values back to FSUIPC. This add an additional layer and potentially slows things down a bit more. The default update rate of 350ms is definitely to high and a value of 50 to 100ms is much better. It should not make a huge difference but is noticeable. We are also working on a new fsuipc interface to make it more efficient, basically a rewrite (that is for both the standard FSUIPC and the A2A specific one). Should be done by the next version upgrade.
  13. Simconnect or FSUIPC? It depends what aircraft you are using and if you want to modify offsets in FSUIPC. The simconnect interface is quicker, but not as flexible as the FSUIPC Interface which allows modifying offsets. As the FSUIPC and simConnect variables are different, some instruments might behave differently. There are various annunciators available. The most flexible is the single or single rd annunciator for various systems (general, engine, lights) that can be configured for various events. Add it to your panel, then start the panel and right click on the annunciator. The select the function you want. You can also modify the data that is sent by modifying the interface configuration files. Please refer to the User Manual, at the end it explains how to do this. This way you can implement features that we currently don't have. Here is a list of simconnect variables: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526981.aspx You can also directly modify the interface configuration files. They are kept in: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\simPlugins\PanelManagerPRO and are called simpluginsFSX.ini and simpluginsFSUIPC.ini . I suggest you make a backup copy first before changing them. The fuel select indicator only shows, off, left, right both and is modeled after a Cessna 172. There is really no limit of how many instruments you can have per panel, it all depends on your computer. Each instrument is a separate application/executable and therefor runs independently. They are small, so memory is not an issue.
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