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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you plan to bring your fantastic Learjet 35 into MSFS at some point? I loved it in P3D but have completely switched to MSFS now and I'd really like to fly it in the new sim. The modern business jets are not my cup of tea unfortunately, too technical, I loved it that the Lear 35 feels like a super fast GA plane rather than an Airliner.
  2. Thank you for the confirmation, sad to hear though.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I just saw that the product page for the GNS 530/430 states that it is compatible with MSFS? Can anybody confirm that it really works just like in P3D, with a 2d pop-up window that can be dragged to another monitor? I'm asking because I never read any news about it being compatible and after MSFS was released Mindstar was skeptical if the SDK even allowed for their product to be ported over to MSFS.
  4. OK now, something strange has happened. The A2A C172 is working now! And here`s what I did: nothing! I don`t know how this happened, I didn`t change anything in my setup. After a few days in which I hadn`t had time for flightsimming I started up Prepar3d and thought I´d give it another shot. Fired up the A2A C172 PB on my secondary PC, connected the Interface and suddenly the gauges came to life. I don´t know what was wrong all the time, must have been some stupid mistake on my side, but anyway I´m happy now. Keep the Add-Ons coming!
  5. OK thanks, I´ll write you an email then. Any way to narrow down the problem beforehand? As I said, no error message is displayed when the crash occurs, but maybe there`s some kind of log file I don`t know about so I could provide additional information.
  6. OK, unfortunately the Network and Sharing Centre in my Windows 7 Version (64 bit Home Edition, German version) looks completely different than shown in the link provided above. Though I can see a list of my network adapters (it shows my Wireless adapter and the LAN), I don`t even have an "advanced settings menu" where I can change the adapter order. I can enter the advanced settings of each adapter separately and change things like TCP/IP protocols, IP and DNS and loads of other things I don´t know about, but no window looks like the one in the FAQ section of your homepage. I guess I´m ready to give up by now - I just don´t know my way about the details of setting up windows networks, the last network I set up was a 4 PC LAN under DOS 5.1 :smile: I still don´t get why the standard version of PB and the Dodosim Add-On worked out of the box without me even once having to enter the network setup, but the A2A Add-On doesn`t . somehow it seems to handle data exchange differently. I guess I have to find a way to connect the display I use for the instruments to my main PC when using the C172 and to my secondary PC for all other planes, although that has several disadvantages (eg Prepar3D menu options don´t work correctly when a USB monitor is connected to the PC on which Prepar3d is running; this was the main reason I went for the network approach in the first place). But still, thanks for your support and your patience. I´ll keep recommending Panel Builder on other forums, it`s still the easiest way to build an instrument panel without spending thousends of dollars. Cheers, Fabian
  7. Hi guys, I know there are other threads concerning my problem, but I haven`t found and answer yet so I thought I´d create another one. I still can`t get the Mindstar GNS 530 to work properly in P3D V3.3. I have an Emuteq GNS 530 hardware unit and use it in conjunction with your GNS 530 software. I set up the Emuteq hardware buttons to their according GNS functions using FSUIPC offsets in the GNS.ini, and I installed the Mindstar GNS 530 unit into my Lancair Legacy panel.cfg (and some other planes, too). The buttons work as expected, however whenever I try to enter a waypoint on the FPL page of the GNS 530, Prepar3D freezes for a few seconds and then crashes to desktop without any error message as soon as I push the "ENT" button. The same happens when trying to use Direct-To-NAV. I can use the rotaries to enter an ICAO code, but as soon as I push ENT to activate the Direct-To-NAV - freeze and CTD. I tried re-downloading and reinstalling the GNS software a few time now, updated the Prepar3D client to the latest version (3.3.5) but still no luck. My panel.cfg for the Lancair Legacy looks like this (note that I only use a 2D window, no virtual cockpit unit): // RealAir Legacy 2012 [Window Titles] Window00=Main Window01=GPS Window02=Blank [VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=0.000, 0.000, 0.000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] size_mm=1024,1024 position=0 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 visible=0 ident=15552 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] size_mm=456,331 window_size=0.5 position=8 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 VISIBLE=0 ident=GPS_PANEL gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS530_nobezel, 0, 0, 456, 331, 1:1:225 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] size_mm=1,1 position=0 visible=0 ident=15600 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 gauge00=RASLegacy!Blank, 0, 0, 1, 1 //-------------------------------------------------------- [VCockpit01] size_mm=1024,1024 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$RASLegacy_CFG background_color=1,1,1 gauge01=Config!Options, 1020, 1023, 1, 1 gauge02=Config!RealView, 1021, 1023, 1, 1 gauge03=RASLegacy!InitVars, 1022, 1023, 1, 1 gauge04=RASLegacy!1hzCode, 1023, 1023, 1, 1 gauge05=RASLegacy!2hzCode, 1024, 1023, 1, 1 gauge06=RASLegacy!18hzCode, 1025, 1023, 1, 1 gauge08=RASLegacy!NavCom1, 1, 2, 509, 61 gauge09=RASLegacy!NavCom2, 1, 64, 509, 61 gauge10=RASLegacy!ADF, 4, 127, 332, 49 gauge11=RASLegacy!Xpndr, 7, 243, 305, 57 gauge12=RASLegacy!Autopilot, 5, 177, 292, 62 gauge13=RASLegacy!DME, 4, 305, 256, 46 gauge14=RASLegacy!VM1000C, 579, 0, 445, 446 gauge15=RASLegacy!Annunciator, 0, 379, 453, 68 gauge16=RASLegacy!AOA_Pro, 347, 204, 106, 63 gauge18=RASLegacy!Master_Warn, 346, 271, 108, 107 // =============================================================================== // IMPORTANT - 'gauge19'. 'gauge20, 'gauge22', and 'gauge23' BELOW CAN BE OVERWRITTEN // BY THE CONFIG PANEL. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN MANUALLY EDITING THIS FILE // IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE GPS ENTRIES AND DON'T WANT THEM OVERWRITTEN IN ANY // CIRCUMSTANCE THEN CHANGE THE GAUGE NUMBERS. EG - CHANGE 'gauge 19' TO 'gauge22' // =============================================================================== //gauge19=fs9gps!RAS_gps_500, 1, 607, 502, 416 gauge20=RASLegacy!Blank, 0, 0, 1, 1 gauge21=Config!AdfDip, 1019, 1023, 1, 1 gauge22=RASLegacy_Sound!Sound, 1,1,2,2,./SimObjects/Airplanes/RealAir Legacy/Panel/Sound/RASLegacy_Sound.ini gauge23=RASLegacy!Sound_Manager, 1,1,3,3 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8192 SIZE_Y=3500 [Color] Day=255,255,255 Night=255,255,255 Luminous=201,64,64 BTW it doesn`t matter which plane I try to install the GNS 530 into, the issue is always the same. I´d appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks, Fabian
  8. Thank you, I´ll try that. But if the network adapters were in the wrong order, wouldn´t it affect all the instruments and not only the A2A ones? Because as I said, the standard gauges all work perfectly. Nevertheless, I´ll give it a chance as soon as I have the time.
  9. OK, I made some progress to narrow down the issue: I reinstalled the C172 PB Add-On on both computers and ran the installers as administrator to make sure the instruments were added to the firewall on both systems - still no luck. Then I tried something else: I built a panel with the A2A gauges on my main flighsim PC instead of the networked PC. And strangely enough, the instruments were working perfectly! So to sum this up: 1. The A2A gauges are working when running on the same PC as Prepar3D 2. the network seems to work, too, because the standard (non-A2A) instruments I added to my panel show correct values when run on my second PC 3. what DOESN`T work is the combination "A2A-instruments over a networked PC". I really can`t figure out how to solve this. I must admit that I no nothing about Windows networks, the standard Panel Builder worked out of the box by just connecting my two PCs with a LAN cable, I didn`t have to setup or configure anything. But the A2A Add-On seems to be a different thing. Any suggestions on how I should proceed? Thanks for your patience!
  10. Yes, I added the instruments to the firewall but I faintly remember that when I first started the panel I was asked again if I wanted to add the instruments to the firewall so maybe something went wrong there - is there a way to check if the firewall exceptions were installed correctly? (unfortunately I don`t know much about Windows networks). Do I have to add the instruments on my main flightsim PC AND on the secondary PC or just on one of them?
  11. OK, reinstalled FSUIPC latest version but still no luck. But I just realized something: when I start the simPlugins FSUIPC A2A Interface, the window that pops up shows three "thumbnails" below the C172 : P3D, P3d V2 Pro and Microsoft FSX. But I´m on P3D V3.3 (Academic version). Could it be that the Interface is not even compatible with V3.x ??? The version number shown is 2.99, so it should be the latest one, and the Dodosim FSUIPC Interface works with V3.x without problems. Am I missing something here?
  12. Yes I do, though it might be that it`s not the latest version. I´ll double check that and report back to you.
  13. OK, I checked my modules folder and the ipcinit.lua is there. Its filesize is 3,29 KB, is that correct? If the file is not the problem then there is probably another issue. Any more files I should check?
  14. Hi again, sorry to bother you with yet another problem, but after finally getting the Panel Builder software and the Panel Builder Dodosim Add-On to work in a Windows 7 based network in Prepar3d 3.3, I went for the PB Add-On for the A2A Simulations C172 Trainer. Strangely, the Add-On Gauges included don`t work in my network setup. Here´s what I did so far: I downloadedand activated the latest PB Addon for the A2A 172 and installed the Interface (version 2.99) on my Flightsim PC and the gauges on my secondary PC. I built a Panel for the C172 using the specific A2A C172 Gauges, and added two standard gauges (a HSI and a Vertical Speed Indicator) to the panel. Then I ran the Panel on my secondary system and the A2A Interface on my Flightsim PC and chose the A2A C172 as my aircraft. I used the exact same network settings as in the Standard Prepar3d Inteface and the Dodosim Interface. The Interface connects to Prepar3d, but the A2A gauges don`t move - the only gauges in the Panel that work are the HSI and VSI which are included in the standard version of Panel Builder - so the network itself seems to be okay, but the A2A gauges somehow don`t work. Regional settings are the same on both systems. So what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Fabian
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