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  1. Has the issue with assigning button presses and keyboard commands to the GNS functions been resolved?
  2. I had the same bug, not only the keyboard commands but also the native simulator gps commands are Not working, so it is impossible to control the GNS unit with hardware buttons at the moment. Hoping for the update to fix this issue.
  3. That is great news, thank you. You just won over a new customer 😉
  4. Wow thank you, I wasn't aware of that. Then I have another question : is it possible to get the reality XP GNS unit to only show the GNS screen without the bezel and buttons? I'm asking because I have a hardware replica of the GNS 530 with real buttons, so I'd like to display just the screen of the GNS on my hardware display. Also, can the functions of the GNS 530 be mapped to hardware buttons via FSUIPC or a similar software? I don't want to have to use the mouse to control the GNS. Thanks, Fabian
  5. Hi, I just saw that you released the GNS 750/650 for Prepar3d v4. I just wanted to know if you are planning to make your older GNS 530 compatible with Prepar3d, too, because if I understand correctly the original release only works with FSX. Cheers, Fabian
  6. Hi, I just saw that you released the GNS 750/650 for Prepar3d v4. I just wanted to know if you are planning to make your older GNS 530 compatible with Prepar3d, too, because if I understand correctly the original release only works with FSX. Cheers, Fabian
  7. Is this forum still active? The last support queries didn't seem to get an answer at all. I'm not expecting an immediate solution but it would be nice to know if the issue is being worked on at least.
  8. Hi, I always had trouble getting the A2A C172 Addon to work on my system. Some instruments worked, some don´t. I´m running the latest version of Panel Builder and the C172 Addon with Prepar3d V4 and FSUIPC 5 for V4. Now I noticed that whenever I start Prepar3d, an error message appears in the FSUIPC log window: LUA Error: D:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\ipcready.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk. Could it be that a corrupt lua file is installed by the addon which causes the instruments not to read correctly? The ipcready.lua file is 4 KB big, and looks a little strange when I open it with an editor, lots of strange ASCII symbols with some text in between, not like other lua scripts I know. Thanks, Fabian
  9. Hi, I recently built a panel with a Heading Indicator as the main navigation gauge (my earlier panels all used a HSI); now I noticed that the Heading indicator doesn`t react to the "gyro drift" input from Prepar3d V4. When I push the "gyro drift inc" or "gyro drift dec" buttons, the dial doesn`t work. The only thing that I can move is the heading bug, but the dial should move too, to account for the gyro drift error which FSX/P3D simulates when the option is checked in the realism settings. When I look at the virtual cockpit, the dial moves correctly to the button inputs, but the movement is not made by the panel builder gauge. I tried both the HeadingIndicator and HeadingIndicatorC172 gauge, but none seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks, Fabian
  10. I can tell you that in my case the culprit was a file called apcontroller.exe that caused the Sim to crash. It is part of some Aerosoft sceneries like Split or Prague and adds an entry to the exe.xml without notice. Deleting this entry solves the issue. Took me weeks to find out. Maybe your problem is the same. Cheers, Fabian
  11. Reinhard, the ipcinit.lua file is present in the FSUIPC folder and I´m using the A2A interface, so that´s not the cause. Is there some kind of program that can test the connection between the gauges and the simulator? To see if data is sent to the gauges? And I´ll try the simconnect installation the next time I´m at my PC.
  12. Hi again, sorry to bother you again,but I encountered some issues with the A2A C172 panel builder Addon. A few months ago I had some trouble getting the A2A instruments to work over a network, back then I started this thread: http://www.avsim.com/topic/491410-can%C2%B4t-get-the-a2a-c172-panel-builder-addon-to-work/ The problem resolved itself somehow without me knowing what I really did. But now, after some changes to my system (updated to Prepar3d 3.4; reduced some overclocking settings due to heat building up, installing and uninstalling a few aircraft and sceneries) the A2A gauges start acting up again, This time it´s a little different though: some gauges still work: the Altimeter, Clock, Flaps Indicator work flawlessly. Others still react to the simulator but with a distinct lag: the Attitude indicator, Heading indicator and Turn indicator only update every few seconds. And then some gauges stopped working completely: the Airspeed indicator, Fuel gauges, Fuel Flow and EGT and some others don`t react at all. So I´m at a loss what to do next: I already redownloaded, uninstalled and reinstalled the Addon and interface, added exceptions to windows firewall - without luck. My network is not using a Wifi connection (the two computers are linked to a router with LAN cables, and the standard PB gauges are working, so it´s not a network problem). And this time the A2A gauges show the same issues even when I run them on the same PC as Prepar3d. So does anyone have an idea why the gauges are acting up like this? Is there a way to see what data is transferred between the two computers? Thanks again, Fabian
  13. OK now, something strange has happened. The A2A C172 is working now! And here`s what I did: nothing! I don`t know how this happened, I didn`t change anything in my setup. After a few days in which I hadn`t had time for flightsimming I started up Prepar3d and thought I´d give it another shot. Fired up the A2A C172 PB on my secondary PC, connected the Interface and suddenly the gauges came to life. I don´t know what was wrong all the time, must have been some stupid mistake on my side, but anyway I´m happy now. Keep the Add-Ons coming!
  14. OK thanks, I´ll write you an email then. Any way to narrow down the problem beforehand? As I said, no error message is displayed when the crash occurs, but maybe there`s some kind of log file I don`t know about so I could provide additional information.
  15. OK, unfortunately the Network and Sharing Centre in my Windows 7 Version (64 bit Home Edition, German version) looks completely different than shown in the link provided above. Though I can see a list of my network adapters (it shows my Wireless adapter and the LAN), I don`t even have an "advanced settings menu" where I can change the adapter order. I can enter the advanced settings of each adapter separately and change things like TCP/IP protocols, IP and DNS and loads of other things I don´t know about, but no window looks like the one in the FAQ section of your homepage. I guess I´m ready to give up by now - I just don´t know my way about the details of setting up windows networks, the last network I set up was a 4 PC LAN under DOS 5.1 :smile: I still don´t get why the standard version of PB and the Dodosim Add-On worked out of the box without me even once having to enter the network setup, but the A2A Add-On doesn`t . somehow it seems to handle data exchange differently. I guess I have to find a way to connect the display I use for the instruments to my main PC when using the C172 and to my secondary PC for all other planes, although that has several disadvantages (eg Prepar3D menu options don´t work correctly when a USB monitor is connected to the PC on which Prepar3d is running; this was the main reason I went for the network approach in the first place). But still, thanks for your support and your patience. I´ll keep recommending Panel Builder on other forums, it`s still the easiest way to build an instrument panel without spending thousends of dollars. Cheers, Fabian