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  1. Solved! I noticed that whilst both altimeters were displaying the same altitude, their barometric pressures were completely different, so I wound the pilot one back to read the same as the co pilot and hey presto, it started working properly. In essence it seems it had been set off the scale.
  2. I have noticed recently that at some point in the not too distant past, the analogue altimeter seems to have stopped reading hundreds of feet. The needle for thousands is fine but the one for hundreds is stuck at the 12 o’clock position. Since upgrading to version 2.12.1, with the ability to set independent pilot and co-pilot instruments, I have discovered that if you set the altimeter to co-pilot it works fine but if you set it to pilot, the problem remains. Has anyone else had this problem, and found a solution? I am running x-plane 11.30. Thanks Alex
  3. It is Version 2.97, i did a fresh install yesterday of both panel builder and the interface. The transponder is from the standard instrument set.
  4. Hello, I think it would be nice to have a set combined Com/Nav radios similar to the one shown here. http://www.bendixking.com/Products/Navigation-Communication/Navigation-Communication/KX-165 I have been trying to create something similar by layering the standard ones without the bezels and buttons, but because of the spacing of the digital displays, they have to be shrunk down very small to fit into the space i have available (5.5" wide approx). An alternative solution would be to make a compact version of the existing radios by moving the flip-flop button down below the display, moving the active and standby displays closer together and reducing the overall width. Thus allowing a Com and Nav radio to be placed side by side in roughly the same footprint as the current standard ones. Thanks Alex
  5. Hi, Has anyone else noticed that if you enter a transponder squawk beginning with 0, the display in Panel Builder shifts all the numbers to the left and repeats the last digit? It doesn't seem to affect the actual squawk code set, just the way it is displayed. lets say for example you enter 0123, the display shows 1233, even though actual setting (as shown in X-Plane) is 0123. It doesn't seem to matter weather you enter the squawk via panel builder or in directly in X-plane, it just doesn't like it. I have tried it with various planes and the result is the same. Thanks Alex
  6. Hi, I am running Panel Builder 2.97 with X-Plane 10.51 on separate networked computers. I am trying to build a panel for the the Grob G115E, or tutor T1 as it is designated by the RAF. It has a 2 seat side by side layout with Pilot (Instructor) & Co-Pilot (Student) instrument sets, which are set up in the X-plane 2D panel,as in real life, such that the Pilot & Co-pilot instruments can be adjusted independently of each other. For example the Pilot Altimeter could be set to QFE, and the Co-Pilot altimeter to QNH. Now, the PB user manual states: "The same instrument can be used multiple times in a panel. This allows for example to build panels for multi-engine aircraft or for defining a pilot and co-pilot instrument panel." So I have placed the required number instruments in PB, for my Pilot and Co-pilot panels, but all the instruments are referencing only the Pilot instruments in X-plane. I cannot find a way to configure my Co-pilot instruments in PB so that they reference the Co-pilot instruments in X-plane. How do you define which x-plane instrument you want your PB instrument to replicate? I hope that makes sense. Thanks Alex
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