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  1. No i don't have GCCB_RADIOS file inside gauge folder... So that is the main problem. I will try to reinstall C208, but now I will turn off my Kaspersky AV. [Edit] Bingo! Now I install with admin rights, and AV off - now everything works! Thank You bar_rodoy!
  2. Thank You for reply. I have got different lines, I copy and paste Yours but still I don't have working ADF and Transponder.
  3. Thank You for info, but I remember that in FSX the ADF was usable. It's very strange thing that ADF is inop for this bird. All default planes have working ADF.
  4. Hello, I have problem with my C208, after going to v4.1 the ADF and squawk are inop. The ADF is little bit blurry, I can't click nothing on it, the squawk seems to be OK (visually) but I can't change the code. What is wrong? Everything else seems to work just fine...
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