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  1. Hello, FD-FMC Final version is available on AVSIM library (version 1.55). Requires FSX + SP2 or acceleration pack or FSX-SE or P3D. Don't work with FS9, FSX without service pack. This new version fix many small bugs, with a managed descent improved, new features like optimal descent gradient during approach, new TOD formula. It comes with a new ehanced VC, with MFD position fixed for copilot, new VC HD (4096) textures (realized by CokiBH). 4 packs : A318 (CFM only), A319 (CFM & IAE), A320 (CFM & IAE) and A321 (CFM & IAE) Pack includes the last airport database (300 airports) and a new Setup program to an easy install of aircraft and components. All AVSIM link are on this FreenavDBgroup page : http://freenavdbgroup.com/?page_id=159 Holding pattern and teardrop turn management: DME-ARC management : enjoy François Doré
  2. Oh sorry for the delayed answer ! I was very busy with the project, because I am preparing an important update and an auto-installer program: - New descent gauge with improved code to follow target speed - Many small bugs fixed - FMC can manage now for an airport : 202 SID, 130 STAR and 16 approaches per IAF. (old value was 102 SID, 66 STAR and 14 appr/IAF). THis change was required for huge plateform with many runways like KDFW Dallas Fort Worth ) FD-FMC version 1.50 coming soon and the pack will have an auto-installer program because many user have difficulties to install by hand aircraft. So, it will come with 240 airports in its procedure's database I think that it will be availbale before end of July (A318, A320 and A321). François
  3. Hello, A321 FD-FMC is now available. FD-FMC version is 1.20 (some minors bugs fixed and new features like holding pattern with 2 altitude constraints, and multiple/no standard gradient for special approaches. A321 has new AIR files (CFM and IAE) with flight dynamics improved. Now Airport database has 217 airports ! all information here (with link to download this new aircraft on AVSIM library) : http://freenavdbgroup.com/?p=1068
  4. Hello, New FD-FMC 1.14 is available for A318 and A320 FD-FMC. you can download panel updates here : http://freenavdbgroup.com/?page_id=159 (each aircraft, A318 and A320, has is own FMC, but VC texture are the same for all aircrafts). This update fix the X-Bleed issue; You have to download panel update and new VC texture to get the right position of X-Bleed selector on VC and 2D overhead. Now, Pitot sound alarm can be disabled by press on Master Warning. Original aircrafts pack are available on AVSIM library with the following links : A318 FD-FMC 1.12.1 : http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=pa_a318fd-fmc_cfm.zip&Author=&CatID= A320 FD-FMC 1.0 : http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=pa_a320fd-fmc_iae_cfm_331210.zip&Author=&CatID= New Airports will be added to the SID/STAR/Appr database Saturday. And A321 beta version is under construction.... Happy Good year 2016 from France. Francois
  5. Hello, Some new and updated airports have been added to the database, for FD-FMC. You can dowwnload them here : http://freenavdbgroup.com/?p=830 Think to download the new AIRAC file (version 10172015). A FMC update coming soon. This update fix some minor bug and add the LOC back course Approach mode (used in some airports, like KRDD). Check this thread to know when update will be available. Francois Good flight
  6. Thanks ! You can see a video (HD) of the essentials parts of a complete flight, controled by FD-FMC (beta version 0.95) an other video(HD) : Take off from LOWI Innsbruck with real SID Rwy26, where you can see manual startup (with an older beta version of the panel...)
  7. Link has changed. Sorry for the convenience... http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=pa_a320fd-fmc_iae_cfm_331210.zip&Author=&CatID=root
  8. Hello, I announce my 3 years work : Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC version Aircraft can be downloaded on AVSIM library with this link (free account required) : http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=pa_a320fd-fmc_iae_cfm.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search FD-FMC is a simplified FMC, with an unrealistic appearence, but a real flight management. Indeed, it offers real vertical navigation features. Only for FSX+SP2 or P3D. Many thanks to Project Airbus team that authorized me to use their fabulous Aircraft, and many thanks to all Project Aitbus forum members who help me to debug this panel. Please,read the user manual provided with the Aircraft. Credits : ============= Aircraft and 3 model : -------------------------- Project Airbus Panel and XML Gauges : ---------------------------- Francois Dore Liveries Textures include in this pack : ---------------------------------------------- Nicolas Chung XMLTools.dll V2.0 and XMLTools3D.dll V1.0 modules : -------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Aguilo Robbie Mc Elrath XML custom functions documentation : --------------------------------------------- Bob Mc Elrath Sound module : ------------------ Doug Dawson ECAMs Design and Bitmaps -------------------------------- Arthur Marx VC orange Night textures ----------------------------- Nicolas Lidy VC « blue LED » night textures ----------------------------------- Paul Davis CFM and IAE engines sound pack -------------------------------------- Adam Murphy http://skyhighflightsim.webs.com/ Debug : --------- Wulf Bindewald Jean-Pierre Varnier Michel Rapp Airbus Fan, A320pilot, Hans « hvw », zaflyer Mehdi, Franzdur, Pepe-Pompero and many Pilote-Virtuel French forum Many thanks !! Francois Dore
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