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  1. I've been flying the JF Chipmunk and find it very satisfying except the behaviour of the turn indicator is useless. Whenever I manoeuvre the aircraft from level flight the turn indicator moves almost immediately full scale even with very small turns. It acts as if the needle was just 'loose'. On the promotional video I can see that the turn indicator needle seems to work as expected so I'm a bit lost. Anyone else seen this behaviour?
  2. I have a post about a freeze over EGHI train terminal which has been there for a few days (pre-avsim post) but still hasn't had any replies. If you've experienced the same perhaps another customer with the same issue may elicit a response?
  3. The only thing I can't disable is FTX Global Base 1.3 (not without a load of hassle anyway!) so I haven't been able to try a stock version of FSX. I do experience short pauses elsewhere but these could be standard FSX texture loading pauses. I may have unrealistic expectations for smoothness after updgrading to an i7 4790 @4.4ghz running FSX + scenery from a 1TB SSD. If I focus on this anymore it will just drive me mad. Luckily the prevailing wind usually means that rwy 20 is used at EGHI :-) Thanks all for your input and maybe someone will have a eureka moment!
  4. Thanks for that, it's driving me mad! At least it can be repeated. I started a topic on Orbx forums but have had no replies. My next test is to set FTX Central to 'Global', disable FTX Eng and EGHI in the scenery and re-enable UK2000's EGHI from England Vol 1 V2. I'll post results later. Edit: setup up with FTX Global base, FTX Open LC EU and UK2000 EGHI still pauses in same place but 'seem' to be shorter!
  5. Thanks, I did have this checked but both auto save and gps out are disabled but still same issue. I'm now suspecting Orbx England as it doesn't occur in Orbx Wales, Scotland or North America, as far as I can tell.
  6. This is difficult to answer. I have a lot of addons including all things Orbx which I have recently re-installed to a fast rig. As I installed each addon I did a test flight to check correct installation but whether that included this scenario I don't remember. I was prompted to look here because Orbx have recently released updates to a number of their other UK airfields that changed the way they control their scenery (ie a single Objectflow.dll rather than individual airfield dlls. I noticed some freezes when when test flying these areas so went back to EGHI which had been updated previously and then discovered this issue. Unfortunately I have flown the same profile with ALL orbx dlls removed and the issue remains. Also, US Orbx airports work absolutely fine. Some weird results: If I take off on rwy 02 I get the freeze at exactly the same point everytime. If I overlfy the rwy on the rwy heading at cct height I get the same freeze at the same point. If I do an approach to rwy 20 and therefore fly over the same point on approach - no freeze!! I thought it might be related to generation of autogen but still the same with autogen off. Yes, that's were I first asked for help but this still occurs even with asn disabled and as-connect module disabled. Others seem to have an issue where pauses are related to asn operation. Do you have Orbx global base, vector and any of the regions? I'm wondering if there maybe some corrupt files.
  7. I am aware of the UT2 traffic pause but I load UTServices outside of exe.dll to conserve VAS and I don't have it running during these issues.
  8. Taking off on Rwy 02 at EGHI I get to 200ft and the sim will freeze for a couple of seconds. This is even with default 172 and Orbx EGHI disabled. I have tried: - deleting and rebuilding shaders - deleting and rebuilding sceneryindexes - disabling Orbx Vector - removing all cfg tweaks except highmemfix=1 - no external weather - running at solid 30fps immediately before and after freeze. I am out of ideas so any suggestions gratefully received. I would rather not do a complete reinstall as I have only just rebuilt after getting a fast rig and it takes ages! Cheers Tony