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  1. Hello Gents, okay you are right, I may shot to fast and that was not okay. Sorry for that. Problem is solved now. In the future I will try to explain the problem in a more kind behaviour. To sum it up here for those who are reading the thread from behind. 1. No more sudden engine failures. These came due to a not correct engine management by me. 2. No more elec loss during low idle at the ground. Problem was a fault setting of the Batterie/Ground switch by me. Again, thanks for helping me. Regards Peter Schlotfeldt
  2. Yes at FL200 I was on high blower setting. Thank most of you for your advises. We can close this here, I will go deeper in the POH but I dont like to get any further commands which tell me I am only a damned fool by stuff or members of the ###### Army. So again, I have to say sorry for blaming the product at the beginning, problems seem to be more or less in front of the screen. On the other hand I have to say that in my opinion publisher has a little problem with critic. Can also be monitored in other threads. Finally, good aircraft and everything is okay. regards Peter Schlotfeldt
  3. Okay, Okay, we can close this thread. Problem may in front of the screen and not upon the Aircraft. Batterie issue solved now, definetely my fault. I havent seen yet that the Ground switch must be in the on position cause it is named Ground/Battier or somewhat like this. It works now for me. On the other side my engine trouble continues. During my last flight the cyl. Temps got quite high and all four engines began to run very rough till they go back to 20 MAP with no BMP readout anymore. Since I was at FL200 I thought I could try a restart but even this doesnt work. Engines definetely broken according to the maintanance hangar. But okay, the problem is not the aircraft, it is me. strange anyway cause I monitored all parameters very well, no carb ice or anything like this, take off and meto power in limits and a smooth climb out. With setting to mixture auto lean the trouble starts. and of course I have no automixture settings in FSX.( and no mixture on any axis ) Regards Peter Schlotfeldt
  4. Yes I did. But there are only two switches, first is Ground power on and off and the second one is Battery plane/ground. Did I miss another switch? did not think so. after engine start the ground power switch goes off, the battery one to plane. as i said, GEN s are on, inverter also. With this setting no elec power below 1400 rpm
  5. Good day, SORRY for the blame! 1. flight without engine problems! done everything according the books! ....but problem with low idle elec ist still there. below 1400 RPM loss of all elecs. GEN are on, inverters all three and Batterie switch to plane. what do I wrong here? mmh Sincerely Peter
  6. Good morning Gents, so, another morning here, another try. Okay, may I have to say sorry about speaking of a problem with the aircraft. I will report the results of testing. so long Peter
  7. God day Mr. Rodgers, even a publisher like PMDG has to fight with a little critism. I own all PMDG airplanes and I am happy with all of them. The DC-6 is in my opinion not the knwon standard. But okay, I did not say that this must be a bug or two, but this engine behaviour in my case without using the AFE is strange. I watched several times what the AFE does and what might be my fault. Could not find any differences but without AFE I have these sudden power losses. Elec. Problem with the GEN, could not see what I can do wrong there. Batterie switch plane, ground power off and engine GEN on. Thats it. Below prox. 1400 RPM the red GEN lights come on and all elec is lost till kicking in again with applying throttle. Lastly the AFE actions and the POH recomendations are not the same and differ from each other, specially concurning engine start. It must be okay to talk about these problems sorry Sincerely Peter Schlotfeldt
  8. You are right, mixing to much in this thread. 1. Sudden engine power loss during climb out without using the AFE 2. Elec loss during low RPM on the Ground. these are the main issues. All other maybe in a new thread. But I dont think so, cause I am the only one with these problems.
  9. forget about that AFE! only useful AFE stage maybe the take off phase but thats it. Captain of the ship by A2A is a lot better. To be on descent with a fixed 26 MAP setting specially with a very light plane is no fun really! even in level flight no speeds below 200 knots. I know this is a radial piston engine problem at this time also with the A2A connie but there you have definetely more options to handle the throttles.
  10. Hi Matthias, glad that everything is working for you. But as you mentioned, it is not so clear the hole thing or let me say, there are huge differences between AFE settings and the POH. But okay, have fun with her. Peter
  11. Hi Chris, I did that already. It is possible that I am doing something wrong, no doubt about that but I really cannot believe it yet. But I will try it again. But as I said I dont like the AFE cause even the AFE makes some actions I cannot belive ( for example, AFE sets Auto mixture lean during climb out ) Auto lean setting is only for cruise! Okay, stop yelling now, promised! but a little dissapointed here. what about the battery issue? this is a thing where you can do only one fault, Batterie on or off. Mine is on and generatos off the bus below 1200 RPM with the consequence of loosing any elec power! over 1200 GEN kicking on again but for example GPS Reality XP has to be programmed new! Thanks for trying to help! have fun with the DC 6, I go back to the A2A Connie greetings Peter
  12. You are right, giving up is not an option, but I am sure that there is someting wrong. Did my first flights with AFE and everything went okay. I dont like this AFE, specially cause of the throttle inop during AFE use. These sudden power losses and the GEN dissconect at low ground idling is in my opinion a bug. Look at the checklist in the POH, even the AFE prepares the aircraft for example for engine start not according the list ( magneto switches, mixture lever ) Try a flight beginning in sunset in FSX, no red internal lightning, just kicks in when FSX dawn phase goes to night mode. These are things we had 5 years ago but not allowable by PMDG addons for 70 bucks. A max of 30-40 dollars is it worth, not a penny more. what is about your engine problems Xender? you solved it out?
  13. So, Battery switch was on plane state. The elec problem is somewhere else. Just tried to start the engines, no engine start is possible. Each engine fires up and rpm rises only slightly below 1000 and than bang thats it. In my opinion there is a huge problem with this addon. Very dissapointed about PMDG, sorry. Fast return to my A2A aircraft. From the beginning on I had my doubts, cause everything is turning around this AFE and thats it. Only standard FSX programing and this is the result. Missing aircraft state remember or dimmable lights, okay, but this engine and battery issues, that is a shame sorry.
  14. I have turned the battery off! okay, have to check this, thx! I have read the tutorials and they are for flying with the AFE. I tend to fly without him just like I do in most of the A2A aircraft ( connie, B377 ). All my mixture settings, cowl flaps, RPM and MAP settings are acording to the books. Also no clouds or moisture to avoid carb icing or things like that. It is very strange but I will try again. the only thing I think about is maybe a to steep angle of attack or climb rate. Is that possible that the engines may stall cause they are out of the air flow. Thanks for answering! Peter
  15. Dear Gents, first I have to apologize for my bad english. Anyway I have one serious problem with the DC 6 and another minor problem. 1. When performing a flight without the AFE during climb phase I get a sudden engine loss down to MAP 20 on all 4 engines. Conditions are clear skies and all procedures in my opinion well done before. No chance to get out of the trouble, aircraft stalls and crashes. With flight with AFE no problems. With manually throttle movement from METO Power the engine bmp runs up an down and the MAP ist very slippery. 2. An engine idle run with 1000 RPM is in my case not possible cause the GEN s go off the Bus and there is no electrical power left. In my case I need 1.500 RPM idle power that the GEN s remain on the bus. Any tipps or tricks consurning my problems. Thanks a lot Peter
  16. Hello Gents, today I took my LH 747 Pax on a Flight from Munich to Los Angeles. If I remember correct, there should be at least 2 additional temp controllers for the heating of the forward and aft. cargo section. In the PMDG model there ist only I single aft heat switch which allows to keep the temps in the bays slightly above 0 degress. There is also no option to get these switches via the FMC menues. Greetings Peter
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