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  1. Installed latest hotfix yesterday flew ngx from LEPA to EGKK ivap crashed three times duing flight with little or no traffic at any time.I used internal ivap twice crashed twice although some distance between them then i used external ivap and ivap crshed on landing at EGKK.Did this flight as a test after installing new hotfix no joy. Regards Nigel Owen
  2. Hi I only had one CTD with ngx but disconnections from ivap both kwowing and not knowing were all the time. Struggling as are other people to get a answer from PMDG dont know why busy i guess.
  3. Hi Will sp1 for ngx resolve any issues with ivap.I ask because i sent PMDG a support ticket on the subject and the reply was it was an issue with the P2P within ivap however when i asked about this on ivao forum they did not agree.I have looked on this forum now for sometime as well as others and from what i can see the subject is being avoided (sorry if this is not the case but it seems that way).Me and my friend Richard Wells have tried different ideas put out by other people with the same issue but with no sucess. We have tried using other aircraft such as captain sim757 and justflight/wilco airbus and dont get crashes of ivap but as soon as we try to fly NGX then crash.The NGX simulation for me is fantastic but for now is wasted not being able to fly online using ivap.Look forward to a reply and hopefully a solution. Regards Nigel Owen
  4. Me and my friend have had alot off crashes with NGX.This morning we tried something different i flew NGX he flew Just flight Airbus and we got what we expected i on NGX had ivap crash 5 Times where as he had no crashes.Seems at the moment for us at least we have a fantanstic simulation with the NGX but flying it on line is out for the moment just ivap crashing too many times.Lets hope for a solution soon. Regards