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  1. If you were staying with 4.1, I believe there was no need to upgrade the 747. Have a look in the PMDG General section to read RSRs' post.
  2. Fixed! Thank you! SO! We can expect the 747-8 in a few...hours? Cool!!! :P
  3. Thanks Robert! I am having this issue as well. Good luck to you and the team!
  4. I remember seeing that Kevin! I'll have to purchase that one. I was also thinking of getting a dual Saitek throttle setup, and some 747 handles. Looks like I may get a set of 777 handles too.
  5. ACA 15 for me, CYYZ-VHHH Sometimes a 77L, sometimes a 77W. East or west, but almost always over the Pole.Incredible! -And I mostly fly the freighters. I thought I saw once where Southern Air, or AeroLogic flew a route close to the pole. More research...
  6. ...and the -300 Expansion. I have it FSX, but I hardly use FSX anymore. Put many hours in this plane in FSX, including a world tour. It's not my favorite, the 747 takes up most of my flying time now but... Seeing this bird in Prepar3d, it's like I'm seeing it brand new all over again. It's not something I can put my finger on exactly. -Not one thing...Now I feel another world tour is in order!. And I also think I may actually tackle one(or more) of those polar routes! Thanks PMDG! You guys are AMAZING!!!
  7. I won't say anything, but keeping my fingers crossed... And...Holy Krap! So it's really not just a run-of-the-mill- expansion. I was wondering what was keeping it. It looks Fantastic!!!
  8. IIRC The MD-11 routing went: KSDF-KONT-PHNL-YSSY-VHHH-PANC-KSDF. Occasionally straight from SDF to HNL. 747 Routes the other way go from KSDF-PANC-ZSPD/VHHH. Occasionally to RCTP. I believe it depends on the day of the week? From VHHH-YSSY-PHNL-KSDF. From PANC anymore, it looks like two flights of 767's to RKSI, and possibly ZSPD and RJAA or maybe a MD-11 and a 767...
  9. WoW!...Just...Wow! Thank you for sharing that. Godspeed and good fortunes!
  10. IIRR Korean Air had PW's on their freighters...
  11. And Atlas Air seems to take the lions' share of those too!!!
  12. Looks like the bare minimum specs...Also, what Operating System? Windows 7? 10?
  13. I must add my voice to this...I HAVE created my own short state panel save from the default startup condition. Saved under another name. Will work maybe once, then when I get back into the plane on the second or third try, it's all buggered up. I have done this three times. When it finally loads, it switches straight to battery power. I have to call a external power unit, and an airstart unit. The engines will start normally with that. I noticed on the STAT page there was no APU RPM Indication...Even though the APU was on and supposed to be running...Weird...It seems that the panel state is either not saving correctly, or is somehow getting corrupted after the save. Could it be part of this recent Windeerws update possibly???
  14. Agree 100%!!! So many hours in that wonderful airplane! It was my first dive into a full systems aircraft for FS. I was not dissapointed. At firsdt there was so much to learn by as I got the hang of it, I was hooked! There are some high res cockpit textures out there, just search around a little, While a little quirky, they do indeed breathe life into the ol' girl!. I too would plop my money down on an updated version as well( P3Dv4 ??? anyone???)!!!
  15. ...And don't forget to ARM the Autobrakes! Pull up/Left click the speed brake handle. Somewhere between your last STAR Waypoint and your IAP...Done/Not done that meself a few times...