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  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! No drinking in the cockpit! Err...well...
  2. Yeah, this new ambient lighting is a bit troublesome, and yet, at the same time absolutely GLORIOUS!!! I had to fumble around a bit until I stumbled upon the thunderstorm light switch. And when I got in the air at cruise altitude, I couldn't see anything outside except my marker lights and strobes. Inside only my back lighting and instruments. Just how it is! It's great!!!
  3. I have taken the plunge and got a single-app subscription for Photoshop. Any advice? I have been using Photoshop Elements for a few years now, but I never imagined how un-powerful it was. Now, to update my fleet...
  4. A bit behind the curve here. What is PBR?
  5. Great paint John! If I may, what is the name of the font for the worldwide lettering, and how I may obtain it? Thanks!
  6. N856GT registered Atlas Air. A plain wrapper. I believe they are not supposed to draw attention, or for discreet hauling or delivery of cargo. Atlas has a few of them. Go to one of the aircraft photography sites and look them up. Have a look at N859GT too.
  7. Steve, John, and Alex too. I really appreciate your work. Good stuff!!! I've been doing this for a while, but I am nowhere near as good as you guys. I wish I could paint half as good as you all. Keep it up!!!
  8. I'm begging to fall in love with her...I thought there may be too much automation for my taste. But as I am learning her, she seems the perfect balance of automation. The ECL and EFB are icing on the cake. And she's a great hand flyer too. I don't think I'll give up the 400 ever, but the Dash 8 is really starting to grow on me...
  9. N/P Armen. Not at ALL! I just completed a short flight from KHSV to MMMX. Had to execute a go-around. I would've been in heaven again if the thunderstorms weren't bouncing me around. They sound fantastic in reverse too!!! KUDOS!!!
  10. The dash 8 engines are not the same as the 777, but they sound similar. And four of them together....Oh my!!!
  11. A BIG/HUGE +1 from me too!!! ( I was going to start my own thread...) The first time I pushed the throttles up and pushed TOGA....Oh my GAWD!!! The sounds...the...SOUNDS! I was giggling like a little girl! (Needed a change of drawers too). I always liked the 777 engine sounds, but to hear four of them in unison....Hoo hoo hooo! Took a few minutes to get my d/l link(about 7:00 PM US CDT). Installed fine and runs great! It appears the the panel states are still corrupted? No huge problem. I also had a couple of small issues with the EFB, but I think that's more of a learning curve thing. I am surprised that there is a learning curve at all, but that's part of the fun! Thanks to you, Mr. R and the whole team!
  12. I think I know where RSR is now...He's in the electronics compartment. In a dark corner...curled up into a ball...with his thumb in his mouth...
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