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  1. And Atlas Air seems to take the lions' share of those too!!!
  2. Looks like the bare minimum specs...Also, what Operating System? Windows 7? 10?
  3. I must add my voice to this...I HAVE created my own short state panel save from the default startup condition. Saved under another name. Will work maybe once, then when I get back into the plane on the second or third try, it's all buggered up. I have done this three times. When it finally loads, it switches straight to battery power. I have to call a external power unit, and an airstart unit. The engines will start normally with that. I noticed on the STAT page there was no APU RPM Indication...Even though the APU was on and supposed to be running...Weird...It seems that the panel state is either not saving correctly, or is somehow getting corrupted after the save. Could it be part of this recent Windeerws update possibly???
  4. Agree 100%!!! So many hours in that wonderful airplane! It was my first dive into a full systems aircraft for FS. I was not dissapointed. At firsdt there was so much to learn by as I got the hang of it, I was hooked! There are some high res cockpit textures out there, just search around a little, While a little quirky, they do indeed breathe life into the ol' girl!. I too would plop my money down on an updated version as well( P3Dv4 ??? anyone???)!!!
  5. ...And don't forget to ARM the Autobrakes! Pull up/Left click the speed brake handle. Somewhere between your last STAR Waypoint and your IAP...Done/Not done that meself a few times...
  6. Myself, other than an update/redux of the very awesome MD-11. I would like to see PMDG do a Boeing 767. It is one of my favorites. I have the one from BrandX, but it's a bit quirky sometimes. Considered buying the Level-D, but I am spoiled rotten by PMDG and BrandX(all those 3D knobs and switches...)...and NO freighter model...767 PLEASE!!!
  7. I use FlightAware to select an aircraft/airline/Dep and Arr...Then SimBrief to make up the actual package. I download the FMS data for both PMDG and AS2016, or just the FSX/P3D flight plan for others. The browse by operator feature at FA is so cool!!! I have been using SimBrief for several years now. It's an awesome service, and yes, it's FREE!!!
  8. ...Enough already!!! :P I just got done following UPS 64. First leg, SDF to ANC. Every time I get in the cockpit, I'm amazed...It is such a work of art! I have even switched to my own version of a short turnaround panel state every time it loads, so I can align the IRS and preflight the cockpit..Second leg was from ANC to RSK. Even though it was just an hour and a half tech stop, and even though it's been out for months now...When I got back in, I was itching to get going! -And when it loads on one of the planes I put the brown seats mod in, I smile. So many hours in the FSX QOTS. Just...THANKS! You really, really hit it out of the park! I can't wait 'til I can get the money up for the P3Dv4 version!
  9. You might want to check the tilt of the antenna. IIRR, it defautts to -2 degrees. If you're sitting on the ground, the radar can't see anything...
  10. HA HA HA!!! Funny Chock!!!
  11. I got the VC error too. Typed in VC Runtimes in google, took me right to the page. Downloaded the 2015 x86 version, and it worked. Thanks guys! Now, for MORE testing....
  12. Looks great! Another to add to my growing fleet! BTW, Your paints are awesome!!!
  13. ...And taking it a little further...It wouldn't be much of an "F" without the SCD now would it? VERY labor intensive to load that one. Thanks, I was just wondering if there was a clue hidden to say EXACTLY what kind of equipment it had... Was looking at pictures at for some project ideas...
  14. Ahh, OK...Got it...Customer codes..ugh...So, other than seeing that it has PW or GE's, and counting antennae...And BTW, I also got BDSF. Which is a Bedek converted freighter. They're a company in Israel that converts Pax into freighters. From what I can tell, there's an extra window on the lower level of these in front of the regular door window...Thanks!
  15. While doing research, I came across a few things that have me intensely curious. Most of Atlas Airs' fleet is designated( at least, as far as is concerned...) 747-47UF/SCD...Most of UPS's fleet is 747-44AF/SCD. Now, the SCD probably stands for Side Cargo Door, or something of that nature... but...There's a -4HAF/ER/SCD, -4J6M, -4R7F/SCD...I'm guessing it has to do with the type of engines installed, or special equipment...Can someone enlighten me? THANKS!!!