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  1. Windows 10 PRO 64bit, 48GB DDR RAM, EVGA GeForce GTX1070 with P3Dv4.3
  2. I've been flying a lot with PMDG's 777-200LR (splendid acft) but everytime I go to outside view it appears a skeleton of acft that completes after a few seconds. Is there any way to correct it?
  3. I have a P3Dv4/PMDG/NavData & SIDSTARS folders: inside NavData there are these files: airports.dat + Airports + ARPT_RWY.dat + cycle_info + fmc_ident + wpNavAID + wpNavAPT + wpNavFIX + wpNavRTE. Is it the correct config? and Tks
  4. I have P3Dv4.3 with PMDG 777-200LR + NGX8900 After loading it (and waiting 18sec as told) got skeleton in outside view that ends after a short wait. Can it be corrected? Tks
  5. I have just P3Dv4.3 (no other sim) in E drive and Navigraph in C drive (as default installation). Previously I had both FSX & P3Dv4.3 + Navigraph in E drive and there was a Navdata folder which doesn't exist anymore. Should it exist? Undefault installation would create a Navdata folder? Tks
  6. I had the some trouble. 1) Delete ARPT_RWY.dat 2) Get MakeRunways from Pete Dowson (3 files there: MakeRwys.exe + LorbySceneryExport.exe + MakeRwys README) 3) In root sim put both exe - MakeRwys & LorbySceneryExport 4) run MakeRwys with ADMIN (no need to run LorbySceneryExport - it runs altogether) 5) it will read and correct all runways including Addons 6) that is it. PS: you should get this file too: http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html (it will update your simulator)
  7. Files: Airports.dat + Airports + ARPT_RWY.dat + cycle_info + fmc_ident + wpNav(AID+APT+FIX+RTE). Just ARPT_RWY.dat? Tks
  8. Have my PMDG 777-200LR mapped by Navigraph's FMS Data Manager -> path ...\P3Dv4.3\PMDG. In my 1st flight (YMML-CYVR) received a note that rwy 13 at CYVR (FSDreamteam scenery) didn't exist which didn't keep me making the flight. While preparing to get CYVR ARR there was no STARs or RWYS. Someone help me pls. Eduardo Passos
  9. Hello. Just saw that PMDG has a B747 expansion pack to work with an EFB. Will there be an update/upgrade to include EFB in PMDG's 777-200LR for P3Dv4? Tks
  10. Tks, Dan Last question: Can I assign command to any keyboard button to work as in FSX's PMDG 777-200LR?
  11. Have FSX many years now and think that MS won't go forward. Flew a lot of long hauls with PMDG's B777-200LR and although liked very much to fly short routes with business jet I became a fan of this product with its many options to assign keyboards to work as button and it's my very best airplane. I bought Prepar3D v4, updating to v4.2 and would like very much to have this splendid aircraft. If I buy PMDG's 777-200LR for Prepar will it work in v4.2 or I'll need to make any kind of upgrade/update? Tks and sorry if this was answered somewhere but it's my 1st experience with Prepar3D4 (never had any Prepar before).
  12. My question is about P3D v4.2 and PMDG 777 and if it's answered somewhere else sorry about this. Is the trouble issue posted above (cold & dark not working and crashing sim) just a panel config and PMDG 777 for P3D4 works fine in v4.2? Tks Eduardo Passos
  13. I got the new update full installer for 737-NGX base, uninstalled the old one, run the full installer and got the 8389 version. OC Notifications confirms 8389 and a new version 8396. I downloaded it. Does it require to uninstall 8389 before running 8396 installer or it can be done directly?
  14. I'm very very happy indeed with my PMDG's products (737-800/900 & 777-200LR & extension package 777-300ER). I received a msg from OC that an update is avaiable, a full installer, that i need to uninstall first the extension package (in my case just the 777-300ER) then the base package and reinstall first the base package then the extension and I understood it. I did it with 737 base package but in OC notifications it's said that I have 1.20.8389 and need to get 1.20.8396. When trying to update from the OC it just opens a msg that tells me that I need to get it from PMDG website. Shouldn't it be made directly from OC? Tks
  15. I'd like to thank both of you for your interest. De-activated all my axes controls in FSX (CH Products + Saitek). In FSUIPC I assigned my CH w/6 as 4 throttles + prop + mix. Joystick calibration to create the reverse and it seems to work
  16. Tks again and sorry for delayed answer. Was on a 24hr duty. Really it seems to work fine and I'll try the reverse which at least on the ground seemed to work too.
  17. First I'd like to thank you both (Dan & Ivan) for your interest Sorry about this delayed answer (afpc for 1 day) I think that it seems ok now. I de-activated all CH Products 6 "throttles" controls inside FSX, reconfiguring them via FSUIPC. De-activated Saitek X52 throttle control. It worked in my 1st try with PMDG 777-200LRX so I decided to make a +2700nm flight and see what happens. T/O and after 2hr saved it. Just now I run FSX, loaded this saved flight (which is in A/P & A/T). Hope that everything works now but I confess being "afraid" of trying it in a new "free flight", which I'll need to test anyway. About my request in this topic: it seems to be working fine but since I uninstalled PMDGs doesn't it should ask for my key and later my "go ahead" RUN when running it for the first time after re-installation, or is this that "little" surprise that Microsoft reserves for all its users (things that came in the pc stays there)? Of course this is a theoretical question.
  18. 1) they work fine (I tested with B350/B737/B747 defaults and they were okay) 2) I didn't use FSUIPC calibration because there was conflict among my throttles (opening or closing throttle would make spoiler work even they were "running" in diferent products) 2-1) so just cleared all my assignments/joystick calibration via FSUIPC, de-activated Saitek X52 Throttle, kept all my controls in FSX. So, tks for your quick answer
  19. I bought PMDGs 777-200LRX + 777-300ER extension pack + 737-8900NGX, installed them in my FSX running in a win7 64. They worked beautifully. I have CHProducts Throttles (4 Throttles + Mix + Prop) + Saitek X52 (Throttle deactivated). Never have any trouble before. Upgraded to Win10 (after Reading PMD's recommendation). Don't know if there was trouble in my first use of 777 running in a win10 machine. But things got "messy". 1) downgraded to win7 (it didn't help with PMDG) 2) uninstalled PMDG, cleaned DLL.XML in C:/Users/.../Roaming/Microsoft/FSX 3) upgraded to win10 and re-installed PMDG. 4-1) there wasn't any request for serial number (is it correct?) and didn't ask for my permition to RUN on the initial window, when we load acft for the 1st time (is it correct?) 4-2) all my settings in PMDG options where there as if I have never de-installed them 5) Since all my controls (CH Products+Saitek X52+Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals) work fine with default acft (mono/bimotor/dual & quadri jets) I just don't know why this is happening. My question: Should I do a "clean" reinstall (as if PMDG were never installed in my FSX)? If so how do I proceed? Tks in advance and sorry about this lenghty topic but I needed to write it.
  20. My FSX was running in win7 64 when I installed PMDG 777-200LRX + 777-300ER + 737-8900NGX and everything worked. Then I upgraded to win10 64. I think that in my 1st use of 777-200LRX I just couldn`t make the left engine worked even starting following the sequence. I thought maybe it could be an issue with win10 (even that PMDG recommends it). Uninstalled win10 (!!!) but had the same trouble. Uninstalled ALL PMDGs, cleared the DLL.XML of them (.../Users/.../FSX). Upgraded to win10 (don't see why I shouldn't do it), reinstalled all PMDGs, checked that they went to DLL.XML. My 1st run of FSX in win10 I chose 777-200LRX and there was something strange. 1) my keyboards where the same (as if I hadn't uninstalled it) 2) it wasn't necessary to give permission to RUN it (when we 1st install any acft with its all gauges) 3) it didn't ask for my key I tried to run it and it just appeared to be ok but... My throttles & spoilers don't work. Either by using just FS controls axes or removing them from FSX to make direct calibration after axis assignment via FSUIPC. It seems that both throttles stay in reverse position (there is a view of both turbines opened). It would help if I uninstalled PMDGs (again)? How to make a "1st" install, the one that needs to confirm my key and the RUN in the 1st appearance of the acft? Tks
  21. Hi. I'd like to thank you. In my acoount I just downloaded RAASPRO as if I had bought it. Installation came after localizing FSX. It worked.
  22. Hi Sorry if this could be a "dumb" question. I bought RAAS Pro and I received a warning about RAAS Update to I didn't understand so sorry to ask: Do I go to my account, then to orders and just download the FS2CrewRAASPro (.zip) and just run it?
  23. Tks Kyle I can't imagine if a thing like that (SAT) could be brought in simulation, but wouldn't it be great? Wow.
  24. Yep I saw that SAT was greyed out but thought that maybe it was just a case of configuration. 1) COMM panel in MFD doesn't work too? 2) radio lights being amber instead of green? And tks for your help.
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