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  1. Hi Jean-Luc, I checked for any log files. Unfortunately I could not find any. Jeroen
  2. I will try to look it up. I also uninstalled P3D. I am flying VR mainly and I have managed to tune XP to a pretty good standard. I am really pleased with the current config. I had difficulties tuning both simulators. When you dig into one of them you loose grip on the other one. At least I do. So I spent most of my time on XP for a while which made me decide to uninstall P3D mainly for cleaning up purposes. CCleaner needed to clean up more than 34.000 files from the register. It went so fast I could not keep up. But i will check for a log file and let you know. Best, Jeroen
  3. Dear Jean-Luc, I am not that technical that I know what the issue was. I guess something from my previous installation got stuck in the register. Uninstalling probably doesn't clean the register in general. So uninstalling and reinstalling only wasn't enough. Maybe I previously installed to a custom folder and reinstalled to the standard folder. Maybe the register linked to the wrong folder? I am only guessing, can't think of anything else. But at least cleaning the register did the trick for me. And yes, when the screens boots (both 650 and 750) it previously showed my name and now it says that license is given to my email address. I would prefer my name in the display but hey if that's the only problem I can live with it. Thanks for your support! Jeroen
  4. Finally it's working again!! After multiple times re-installing I uninstalled all Garmin and RXP items. I cleaned the register with CCleaner. Installed both GTN 650 and 750 and it works again. Only difference with previous installation is that license is given to my email address where it previously showed my name. But it works again!!! Happy with it!! Jeroen
  5. Hi, Here they are. 19/03/24 20:50:20.376 19112 - ] # win.xpl version 19/03/24 20:50:20.376 19112 INFO ] 19/03/24 20:50:22.964 19112 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/03/24 20:50:22.963 19112 INFO ] 19/03/24 20:51:34.130 18656 INFO ]
  6. Hi Jean-Luc, Unfortunately.... no good news for me. I have updated but still just black screens. When I uninstall is there anything left in the register or so? do you know? Jeroen
  7. Hi Jean-Luc, Is the update still expected today? Thanks, Jeroen
  8. Thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  9. Nothing happening with reset. Screen is black and stays black. I am about to give up on it. I really really have no idea what to do. I have read the manual over and over again. Re-installed at least a dozen times. I am not a programmer, but to me it looks as if something is kept in some sort of register even after uninstalling. And when it its re-installed again it does not start with fresh settings. Jeroen
  10. Unfortunately....... still black screens. I uninstalled RXP. Uninstalled the trainer. Deleted all the RXP directories. And installed both the 650 and 750. But unfortunately no good news. In the trainer I only have the 750 by the way. I installed the 650 first. Checked that only this licence was availabe. And still the trainer only had the 750 device. After the 650 I installed the 750. But the trainer only shows the 750. When I run the plugin only the top I can choose until settings. The menu below "reset window" settings stays grey instead of white. So to me it looks like the GTN is not active.
  11. The weird thing is that it did work. I initially only had the 650 with Nhadrian's C152. I really really liked it. It went wrong when I updated to the new version (your new version). Then I bought the 750 to go with the default C172 Mod since I read about issues with Carenado's planes (Nhadrian's mod has Carenado's base C152). The 750 has never worked. I'll remove everything and do a clean install once more. Jeroen
  12. Thanks. It was installed by the GTN Installer. I am not running anythings as Admin. I have not changed the default location and it did install the trainer database (at least the installer did it). I will uninstall everything again Both GTN, all directories and the trainer. Are there any hidden things that I should also uninstall? Jeroen
  13. I saw that too. Could not find the trainer. But uninstalled trainer and installed it again. See underneath new log. Unfortunately still black screens both on 650 and 750 in both planes. 19/03/23 16:14:04.624 31664 - ] # win.xpl version 19/03/23 16:14:04.624 31664 INFO ] 19/03/23 16:14:07.285 31664 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/03/23 16:14:07.285 31664 INFO ] 19/03/23 16:15:16.540 23540 INFO ] When I run the trainer it only shows the 750. I cannot select the 650
  14. Dear Jean-Luc, Apologies for that. My posts in the forum stayed unanswered. Then I send a message to RXP. Was expecting a reply on that, did not check the forum anymore. Glad you replied and hop you are able to help!! The log files: 19/03/23 14:24:51.246 47208 - ] # win.xpl version 19/03/23 14:24:51.246 47208 INFO ] 19/03/23 14:24:53.815 47208 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/03/23 14:24:53.814 47208 INFO ] 19/03/23 14:28:29.871 47208 WARN ] trainer not found Thanks in advance!! Jeroen
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