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  1. Hello, thank you for your reply. I am at work until 7 p.m. I will follow your comments but what I would like to know is why in version 3.0.12 it worked ? The 777COM.lua is a script for an automatic backup that I made and which monitors the offset 0x66FF. Until version 3.0.12 I never had any problems. My linda-gui.ini has always been like this. I'll keep you informed. Regards. Francis.
  2. Hi, requested files sent to LINDA @ awginfosys.net. Regards. Francis.
  3. Not at home for now. I will send this night.
  4. Hi, yes Linda runs in admin mode. When I turn ON Fault Diagnosis Mode it's ok ( Tracer and Editor are active ) but impossible to keep detailed mode active when I re launch Linda already "verbose" . Francis.
  5. Hello, I just updated my version 3.0.12 to and I can no longer save the linda-gui.ini with the following options: Developer mode ticked Associate with * .lua ticked Debug mode Detailed GUI and LUA When launching Linda the advanced parameters are reset to default values. Bad update from me? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards. Francis.
  6. Hello, I had not flown for four or five months and so I updated my flight software: P3D4.5 HOTFIX, GSX2, AS for P3DV4, LINDA 3.0.12, driver NVIDIA 436.30. I programmed a co-pilot of 777 as FS2Crew in LUA. During my last two long-haul flights two crashes reported by FSUIPC5.log: First flight DNMM FACT: Line 2349: 7773498 LUA.8: Crash C0000005 at 7FEC58639AA: "C: \ P3D4 \ Modules \ 777NGX.lua". Second flight KBFI UBBB with this: 7. When requested or when red errors reported or when requested please do the following: Go to LINDA Setup page. Tick Developer Mode, GUI and LUA boxes. Select VERBOSE from the download menu. For me Detailed Open Console. Restart your Flt Sim and LINDA. Ensure that FSXSync or SYNC TO SIM is selected (aircraft outlined in orange). Run Flt Sim to reproduce error. Email FSUIPCx.LOG and LINDA2.LOG files (in /modules/ folder) together with the config-hid.lua or config-mcpX.lua for the aircraft you are using to LINDA @ awginfosys.net (remove spaces). IMPORTANT. You may need to remove a block on logging in FSUIPCx.ini. You need to open it in the editor and search for the line LogOptionProtect and change it to NO. You will need to restart FSX/P3D after doing this. With this information I will try to offer help to get users flying with LINDA. Line 4319: 18331569 LUA.0: Crash C0000005 at 7FECAAD39AA: "C: \ P3D4 \ Modules \ linda / system / init.lua". I had never had this before. Is it possible to know the reason or help me to find how to solve it? FSUIPCx.LOG, LINDA2.LOG, config-hid.lua sent to LINDA@awginfosys.net You can not attach files anymore ? Best regards. Francis.
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