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  1. Dear Neil, thanks... Going to try it. Thats better than just windowed mode, I guess. But indeed, whenever I start a new program, it might still overlay the P3D app, because P3D is still not "always on top". Anyways, I will give it a try, and hope this already improves the handling a bit. Thanks for your answer!
  2. Hi Flyfox, thanks for your reply. I tried that, but I am using an ultrawide 49" display (3840x1080). If I am using full screen, it stretches the sim window over the entire screen. However I only want to play in 1920x1080 centered in the middel of the screen. Left and right I have the streaming tool and maps. So, even if it is in full screen, still other applications can overlap if it is not stretched over the entire screen. If you have any idea, I would be really thankful. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I have an ultra-wide Samsung screen and play P3D in windowed mode (1920 x1080) in the middel of the screen. However, especially while streaming, I do not want other windows / apps to overlap P3D. Thus, want to have the P3D window always on top, so that even if I move other applications above P3D, they will stay below the P3D window. I am using a tool called "always on top". It works perfectly fine for other apps, like chrome etc. But P3D just wont stay on top... Anybody has any idea? Thanks in advance Mx
  4. Hi all, I recorded another video of the landing challenge in Paris - just as a teaser in joyful anticipation for a MSFS replay function or third party plugins like this one. https://youtu.be/1PbgExTPL6Q As in my first video, I used the closed beta of Flight Control Replay to create the video. Again, I am not involved in the development of the tool nor am I sponsored or otherwise compensated...- I am just a beta tester that likes watching replays 😀 Cheers and have a great day all!
  5. I guess it will depend on how you use replay and how patient you are 🙂 I dont know what "in 2021" means in Asobo Standards, could be JAN - could be DEC. Also, this tool probably targets users that want to create videos with it (e.g. automatically change camera views at pre-defined timestamp in the recording, Setup AI aircrafts in your recording to shoot formation flights, etc.). But I agree, for only watching replays of your flight and if you are patient, hopefully MSFS will deliver a built in feature soon. I am not patient, so for me it was already worth the 18€. Cheers
  6. Good news, There will be a replay tool available in January 2021, it is called Flight Control Replay. I am not involved in the development, nor am I sponsored. I am just participating in the closed beta an I got the permission to create a video for the community and use it in my streams. I am not Stephen Spielberg, so don´t expect too much in terms of cinematics in my preview video. However, the tool is actually really great! Watching MSFS2020 in replay and slow motion is sooo much more beautiful. This will enable video creators for so many great things - can´t wait for the release. It also does much more then just recordings and replay (e.g. AI aircrafts for shots of formation flights, works in VR, automated camera changes, etc.). Check out this video on youtube: Replays in MSFS2020: Flight Control Replay lets you record and replay your flights from different camera views Cheers
  7. Thanks Chock and Trevor for your indeed critical comments - I would even say that I partially agree. I don't want to argue much. Always good to have different opinions. Just to set some things straight: 1. Indeed my channel is way too small and my time (normally outside of COVID) is way too limited to monetize my channel in any kind (so no financial interest here - only a hobby). But of course you create videos, because you want people to see them and of course try to use different ways to get viewers. The title and pictures are definitely the most crucial part here. So I agree that this is always a sensitive topic if you cover topics like this. 2. Even though I agree, that only the final investigation can shed light on what really happened, I think there is still interest in a summary of the (currently accessible & limited) facts and to make some sense of that by coming up with scenarios . Also happens outside of hobby-youtuber-channels like mine (e.g. world-wide media). From my point of view this is fine, as long as you mention and highlight the speculative aspects / approaches. Thats why there is a dedicated disclaimer section in the beginning of the video and in addition I highlight assumptions throughout the video. However, I agree - just like mentioned various times in the video, everything we see anywhere concerning PK8303 will ultimately remain speculation until the final report has been announced. Thanks anyways for the critical comment and taking the time to write such a long feedback.
  8. Hi everyone, I put a lot of efforts in creating an in-depth analysis based on P3D and all currently available data and information on flight PK8303, which sadly crashed in Karachi, Pakistan last week. Based on the ADS-B transponder data, it is possible to simulate the flight path pretty accurately. The ATC transmissions and eyewitness accounts give further insides on what might have happened to PK8303. Disclaimer: The video contains assumptions (highlighted in the video), since not yet all relevant information that would be required for a real investigation is available (e.g. FDR and CVR data). I tried to be as neutral as possible and stick to the currently available data, rather than pre-judging before the release of the official investigation results. However, I want to emphasize, that ultimately only the official investigation report will answer show what happened. Until then everything else will be more or less complete speculations. Hope that, despite the sad topic, the video sheds some light on what might have happened to PK8303 and is anyways informative and entertaining. Really interested in your opinion and potential suggestions for improvement. Cheers, Captain Mayday
  9. Dear captains, here is another stream in my mixed reality cockpit setup. Unfortunately the thurst-lever config was not setup correctly, so I ditched the A320 into the Inn river. Anyways - hope you like it. I am still new to streaming / youtube and appreciate any kind of feedback. Stay healthy...Wish you all a great day! Cheers
  10. Hello Captains, I tried something new - streaming in Mixed Reality from within the virtual Airbus cockpit. Let me know how you like it - disregard my "Denglish" (strong German accent) please 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE_aFdLyW6g Cheers, Max
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