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  1. Hi, 

    I use Windows 10 and have the latest Version P3DV4 installed.

    I have these issue, that the Simulator stops sometimes  for 2-3 sec together with these  "Windows" warning sound.

    I disabled all scenerys  and add-ons (ORBX, UTX, UT, AS), just the Sim and a PMDG Aircraft 737 & 777, but the problem stays....

    I think it could be a "USB - connection Issue", that a USB Device ist disconnected and connected again...

    My USB devices are 

    - Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar

    - Saitek Rudder Paddels

    - USB Mouse

    - USB Keybord

    - Fritz WLAN Stick 

    Is this possible, is there a way to monitor the USB Devices?





  2. Sorry, my mistake!

    Problem solved! 

    You can deleted this post...

    What happened? 

    I deleted yesterday my prepar3D.cfg to set it back at default, and then reloaded the saved "Control" Settings,

    but unfortunately these "old" Control settings were from last year and in this "old" Control settings the Rudder Axis

    were also inside P3D Controls addressed and not just in FSUPIC..

    So I deleted the Axis in the Control settings and and now it works fine!

    Sorry that I bothered you!

    Thanks für help!



  3. Hi Ray,

    thanks for your reply...

    I used the Options - Controls Dialog "inside P3D"  to address it to a joystick button to the parking brake ,

    the other axis like Normal Brakes,

    Elevator and Throttle I managed with FSUPIC.

    CTRL + period is no effect, because I deleted all the shortcuts inside the Controls Dialog.

    Strange is that it happens in all PMDG Aircrafts...


  4. Hi, 

    I have P3DV4.4 and the latest 737 NGX /777 /747 PMDG Updates installed. FSUPIC is Version 5.15

    I deleted all key commands in P3D and PMDG and set only a few Buttons on my joystick.

    The Parking Brake is set on the Hotas Cougar Joystick Button 4.

    When I pull the parking brake, it jumps back after 3 or 4 sec, even when I pull it with the mouse in the 3D Cockpit.

    It happens in all these snenarios: 

    GPW            on

    APU             on

    Elec HYD    ON

    ENG            ON

    In a P3DV4 airplane like Mooney Bravo the Parking brake stays ....

    Any Idea what could be the reason? 





  5. Hello Henrik


    thanks for your reply. 


    I understand, that the PMDG loading vehicle ist a kind of static device, it comes, pulls the platform up 

    and when you order, it drives away. 


    Its there a way that GSX "handles" the nose door? I mean unload and load Cargo Containers through the nose door,

    like they do with the FWD and AFT Cargo Compartment?


    I know its more a GSX Support Question.



  6. Hi 


    First of all, I'm very excited about the new 747. The developers have done a great job. Thanks!


    In the passenger version, I use AES to operate of the two passenger jetways and GSX the luggage loaders

    with the luggage cars and Catering Vehicles, what is together quite realistic.

    After that I tried the cargo version from Cargolux.


    I was able to open the Nose Door from the FMC PMDG menu and request a PMDG service vehicle for the Nose Door,

    but there was no loading taking place. 

    It seems that GSX does not recognize and operates the Nose Door either. 

    Have I missed something? Or is there a work around?



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