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  1. Thank You! I've broke my mind looking for a solution to the issue:(
  2. Hi Steve! Pardon me, I just meant "what did I do wrong" I understood that this is a feature not somethnig wrong, but I could not find a way to manage it. Thank You a lot for the information! P.S. Could You help to resolve another issue? something strange happens to an Extra RedBull livery: the word RedBull written on wings becomes too bright when I switch on Panel lights...
  3. something strange happens to my fsx if I choose a flight in morning or evening hours: textures of trees from the sunny side become too bright But if I switch back to DX9 - textures become normal what is wrong? what can I do to fix it? I deleted my Shaders10 folder but It didn't help...
  4. FTX AI traffic addons

    Since I've installed my FSX craches to desktop :( How to completely remove FTX NA GA traffic?