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  1. Thank You! I've broke my mind looking for a solution to the issue:(
  2. Hi Steve! Pardon me, I just meant "what did I do wrong" I understood that this is a feature not somethnig wrong, but I could not find a way to manage it. Thank You a lot for the information! P.S. Could You help to resolve another issue? something strange happens to an Extra RedBull livery: the word RedBull written on wings becomes too bright when I switch on Panel lights...
  3. something strange happens to my fsx if I choose a flight in morning or evening hours: textures of trees from the sunny side become too bright But if I switch back to DX9 - textures become normal what is wrong? what can I do to fix it? I deleted my Shaders10 folder but It didn't help...
  4. FrAG_archer

    FTX AI traffic addons

    Since I've installed my FSX craches to desktop :( How to completely remove FTX NA GA traffic?
  5. FrAG_archer

    737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

    I understood, thank You Seems to me that the reason to issues may be quite simple: version of AIRAC and NGX itself. I have AIRAC-1309. And Tom said that he tested his manual with AIRAC versions 1108, 1109, and 1110... Nevertheless FMC operating still quite difficult for me :blush:
  6. FrAG_archer

    737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

    Ok, thank You!
  7. FrAG_archer

    737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

    Still cannot uderstand :( From the page 42 of Tom's manual: "Press the NEXT PAGE key twice and select the SEAVU2 arrival from the list using LSK3 LEFT. At this point you should have:" and then: "In the left column, below the SEAVU2 arrival, we have the option of selecting the TNP transition. Since that is the last enroute waypoint in our flight plan, select TNP using LSK2 LEFT. But I cannot select the TNP transition... Pardon me... Where can I check the descend speed? I thought that this manual is something like ready-to-go for rookies as I am. but while I follow the steps described in the man I come across issues at the very beginning :(:( Maybe something changed since this man had published?
  8. FrAG_archer

    737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

    Very usefull manual! But a faced a problem following it: I cannot set TNP as a TRANS to SEAVU2 (as it's said at the page 43) and another problem after I've actevated the route I got a message "unable 280 kts at KONZL" What is wrong?