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  1. After checking and re-checking your installation instructions, you were right....it was a simple spelling error on on the folders that was causing all my trouble! Thanks again.
  2. I can confirm that my GTN screen is now responsive in the VC after disabling instrument reflections. My last remaining issue is that the autopilot panel is not clickable in the VC. My altitude/heading/course knobs are all accessible but none of the AP buttons respond when clicked. I have to pull up the 2D panel to access the AP. I am on FSX steam. Has anybody else had any issues with this?
  3. Thanks for the replies! I've been away from my machine but will give this a shot tonight.
  4. Hey Bert, I previously had your GTN mod working beautifully with my Phenom 300. I recently did a system reinstall and after loading up the Phenom with the GTN, everything seems to be working, except for the fact that the GTN isn't clickable in the VC. I reinstalled the aircraft, making sure to carefully follow all your instructions but still the same result. Do you have any idea what might be going wrong. I am running v1.3 of the aircraft and V4 of your mod. Thanks again! Tim
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