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  1. Johan Durand

    Deal with throttle when one engine affected

    Thank's very much for your reply So I think I m gonna make what you say samy. And for Christmas will cry like an unbearable baby for have a twin throttle ... But I think and hope there will be no engine failure until 25 december ;) Have nice flights pilots Thank's Regards
  2. Hello guy's I Wonder if thera are simmer whose have found to deal with engine failure and throttle when like me they are equipped of basic single throttle Matter for me is that I can't respect the qrh as when I have to put the trust lever of the affected engine side to idle when moving my throttle to maintain sufficient power for the operative engine it doesn't take in account the affected side and remove it to the same power as the side operating.. So have you got a tricks to know or later I must without doubt take some cash to improve my hardware? Regards
  3. Johan Durand

    Problem with PMDG and the Pro Flight Yoke/Throttle

    Ok cool if it works . I have one question; I believed before watch your video that the hyd pressurisation can be made only if one air bleed source is selected such the bleed apu source or bleed from engine but apparently I was wrong.. cuz with an electrical source you can pressurize... Can you do the light on this mystery that happens to me please ;) Regards
  4. Johan Durand

    Wing and engine anti ice operation

    Hello all, In the FCOM vol1 16.5SP it mentionned the way we engage wing and engine anti ice. For wing anti ice they mentionned that it can be activate between the engine start and TO. So I Wonder two question; Can we keep the wing anti ice while takeoff and if no at wich moment we can engage it? And in second at wich moment of the flight we should desactivate engine and wing anti ice if we take off with engine and wing antiice? Cuz when passing over the clouds I presume there are no more moisture, snow,freeze;......... I know that's required a little moment for answer so thank's in advance for eventual reply ;) Regards
  5. Johan Durand

    Steering tiller

    Hello guy's and thank's for your interest and all the replies on this topic. So I have submitted a ticket at PMDG and they answer me it should work but if actionning the NWS the rudder should work too. In my case I have decided to try to see; I have fsuipc5(but no registered ); I have a rudder pedals for my rudder and my joystick can rotate so the goal was to assign the steering tiller axis to the rotate function of my joystick instead of rudder. So through v4 I have assigned then reinstall fsuipc , reboot and there what was my surprise when activating the steering tiller no rudder was run beside but they are functionaly in a separate way... So to answer at my question and in my case ; yes it works and greats :=) Have an amazing time this V4 is the one of our dream ;)
  6. Johan Durand

    Steering tiller

    Great Thank's both of you for replying Have happy flights ;)
  7. Johan Durand

    Steering tiller

    My question is quite simple ; if I assign an axis on my joystick(=rotation Rz) for the axis steering in p3dv4 will it work in the PMDG as the tiller only? I prefer ask before assign as this is a new possibility in v4 but as my platform is stable and pmdg aircraft wonderful I don't want any issu ... Regards
  8. Hello Simmer I have plan to install flytampa eham on v4 but before I buy it would like to know if some of you have install with the patch zip . I hesitate and taking in consideration what say Robert i THINK I'm gonna wait ?! So what is your advice please as FT aren't really clear ... Regards
  9. PMDG are sophisticated but not perfect otherwise they were be able to give us the option between DL on or off. What makes me hungry is that they have made wonderful job , they can do the best and at their level of dvlopment such issue should not happen. And we forget the incredible plane they have bring on v4 cuz fps issu with lighting not even with system or important thing it's just a eye candy issue but very annoying for a hard simmer. Finally we have been just in one hand, one finger of the perfection dear simmers but we have to keep calm cuz until this day Lockheed and PMDG have always improve and resolve issu ..
  10. Johan Durand

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

    Maybe some rumours, I thought PMDG boeingbus 747-380 was coming for this week end ... ok I'm gonna enjoy the NGX at 16h13 ;)