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  1. same here - will not start. Sometimes with an error message - sometimes just nothing happens.
  2. me 2. hope it will arrive soon no statement regarding the update - at least none I'm aware of br
  3. Hi, I'm currently in the process of configuring my RTX 2080 ti to provide optimal smoothenss and quality for p3d. I upgraded from a gtx 980 ti which I used for years and I'm on 4K with a 6700K at 4.6 GHz now. First thing I noticed was a huge improvement in picture quality. For me blurries went away or are hardly noticeable and you can use highest texture resolutions without any problems. So the ground view is sharp and crisp and if you have the right add ons the card is a game changer in that regard. But also with this card you will have to make compromises regarding graphic heavy settings. So even with this card on some add on airports at night with DL, bad weather, high AA settings you can bring the card to its knees with ease - just to guide your expectations into the right direction. I can use 8xMSAA, FXAA on and DSR 1.5 without any problems in all conditions. All kinds of AA Supersampling are unusable for me at night. Btw still using 4.3. here - maybe in 4.4. DL has been improved. I still recommend this card you will be impressed - it delivers more than all other cards but not everything. br Mark
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