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  1. No GSX. I will try running P3D with the clean .cfg file tomorrow and see if it makes a difference, thank you for the suggestion
  2. I am using P3Dv5.2 downloaded from LM about three weeks ago. No software for controlling the screens, just undocking and dragging windows from the main screen to the 4 used for the instrument displays. I updated my nvidia drivers yesterday to the latest version as well, but it didn’t have any impact.
  3. I have been running a cockpit with 5 displays: two on an RTX 3060 (main display and one MIP display) and a GTX 1070 (three cockpit displays). Everything running great until one day, I forgot to turn on one of the screens before loading P3Dv5. The main screen loaded into one of the cockpit displays. I closed P3D and turned on the screen that was off and reloaded P3D. My frame rates dropped to between 4-8 after this mishap (from 30). For the last three days I can’t get the frame rates above about 8fps without closing all of the undocked windows making up the cockpit displays. If I load everything on the main screen, I lose about half of my frame rates with each new window I undock and drag to a different screen. It doesn’t seem to matter which aircraft I load or if there is any add-on scenery: as soon as I undock a window and drag it to another monitor the frame rate drops in half. Not sure where to go from here because everything was working fine until a few days ago...what setting could have changed when I forgot to turn on one of the monitors?
  4. I am using six BU0836X cards in a large sim strategically scattered throughout the overhead, pedestal, and behind the MIP. LINDA has been instrumental in making it all work, but I do have a headache and am hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Occasionally I will have to unplug one of the cards to change a pot, or I'll get some sort of driver error with a card (not LINDA related) and I will have to shut down and restart everything. Now the next time I start P3D and LINDA, two of the BU0836X cards will have swapped assignments within LINDA. Is there a way to keep this from happening? Most of the time, I can restart the computer again and everything goes back, but I have had a few times where I had to reprogram all of the buttons on two of the cards. Each BU0836X card stays plugged into the same USB port; that never changes.
  5. I can't find the fuel x-feed or the rudder hydraulic power/manual switches (both on the pedestal). Are these modeled, but I am missing them, or are they not included? I can't find anything comparable in FSUIPC.
  6. Round analog EPR gauges (DC-9 era) would be incredibly helpful for my cockpit build.
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