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  1. Locked out of my house for the 2nd time this year. She says " I put the right key back on" #nyfd


    #Lords Prior .........great stuff :)


    #EngvInd i hope Prior gets his 100


    #amywinehouse plz dont put her in the same leauge as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain,

  5. Cheer up you miserable buggers the Cricket is going great!

  6. An early return from holiday due to a massive attack of Tonsillitis. My poor bloody kids.

  7. They should do this in a "don't forget yer toothbrush" format. #selectcommittee

  8. Hard graft all day helping a mate build a new garden followed by a bbq and beers in return. Happy times :)

  9. Just appalling.

  10. Right! today the gardening gets done in Speedos, black socks and sandals.

  11. MP names injunction footballer http://ind.pn/lJM21ZLike i said get a grip :)

  12. And invariably, the conversation turns to consensual rape #rapture

  13. in fact i hope it does end i have to mow the bloody lawn today #rapture

  14. The word I am looking for after doing that is #twunted.

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