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  1. I have the -8 extension but I can't find how to activate it either. Probably somewhere blindingly obvious. 😀
  2. My browser won't allow pasting of screenshots! 😠😠😠 I will start the whole thing over again and see what happens.
  3. I have just entered the runway on the Dep/Arr page so my CDU looks exactly the same as p 37 of the tutorial, but V speeds still not there.
  4. Tony, Yes the ZFW and the CI have been entered. Departure runway has not been entered because the tutorial specifically says not to enter this until later.
  5. I am trying to fly the 1.5 tutorial in FSX SE. I have followed pages 32 and 37, requesting and accepting the Perf Init data, inserting flaps and confirming CG. However, the V speeds are blank and do not appear when clicking the LSKs. Also, it will not allow me to manually insert the V speeds. "Invalid Entry" is the message. Is there any possible thing I have overlooked? Rob
  6. FSX SE I got to the stage whare I am at the gate and refuelling during the turn. I entered PFO103 in the Flight number field as specified and pushed >Request, but the response was "No route available". Rob
  7. Thanks Chris. The liveries concerned do not show up in the Livery Manager, even though they are shown as "Installed!" in the Livery Downloader so I cannot remove them. I will do a support ticket. Rob
  8. Following a problem with the registry caused by a "PC Optimiser", I reinstalled my NGX, then re-downloaded the liveries from the Ops Center. During this process there were a couple of warnings that previous files would be overwritten, but this did not worry me and I selected the "Yes" option. On starting FSX for the first time since then I received a number of consecutive messages along the lines that there were 2 items with the same name which corresponded to the liveries I had installed previously. Is there a way in Ops Center to fix this? Rob
  9. Overnight I was trying to think what I could have done that might have impacted the registry. Ok, so no more Dell optimisation!
  10. Yes I do. Is their PC Optimiser the culprit?
  11. Ok, thanks Chris. I have never used a registry cleaner, but whatever the cause I now know the solution.
  12. Chris, In FSX I can see all my liveries previously installed, load them and fly them without any problem. The Ops Centre does not show the Livery Manager, and now that I look again, nor does it show the Documentation even though the documentation is still in the Aircraft folders under PMDG within Steam. If as you say I must reinstall the three aircraft, can I just do that over the top of everything that is there? Rob
  13. Ok, I have done that, but no change. Submit a ticket? Rob
  14. I opened the Ops Centre this morning to download a new livery for my 737 NGX and found the Livery Manager has gone! Same for QOTS and 777. Rob
  15. I don't think I have ever done that Kyle. Not smart enough to muck about with that 🙂. I have sent it off to Support who are currently looking at it for me. Rob
  16. I have noticed recently a couple of my aircraft have a mismatch between the registration on the panel/fuselage and the registration shown when the livery is selected and on the Aircraft Options page on CDU. For example, the Air New Zealand livery has a G- rego on the Aircraft page and the Delta livery has a 9V- rego. My recollection from a similar problem with the NGX some time ago is that if I change the rego when the livery is selected to match the fuselage then all is well. Is that right? Rob Stevenson
  17. Yes, rebooting didn't change anything. I have lodged a ticket with Support now.
  18. I did a flight in the 772 earlier today in FSX SE, without problems, after which I shut down the sim. I have just tried to load the QOTS for another flight and get the above error when selecting an aircraft. I closed FSX and Steam and tried again with the same result. I have tried a number of liveries without luck. I tried the 737NGX and that loaded without a problem. Can anybody help please? Rob
  19. Well I have only recently bought the 777 to add to my 737NGX and QOTS and arrived at the forum looking for an answer to the same problem. The detailed manuals are a fundamental part of PMDG products' competitive advantage, and their price of course. If the manuals are no longer available their site should say so at the point of purchase. I had intended to give myself a Christmas present by buying the -300 and -8 extensions as well but will now keep my money in my wallet. Hopefully PMDG will be more forthcoming when their licence is renewed, if it is, than when it was revoked. Rob Stevenson
  20. The answer to my problem is so cringeworthy embarrassing that I can't say it. Suffice that the engines of the QOTS are now purring. Thank you everybody.
  21. I have been unable to fly for over a week and so unable to try the suggestions everyone has made. I hope to be able to crank up the QOTS later today. Rob
  22. Thanks, I'll give it another try!
  23. After all the appropriate pre-start preliminaries I move the fuel control to run. I get a reading for the EGT and the EPR, but nothing happens with N1. What might I have omitted to do? Rob
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