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  1. Hi Alex, Creating a copy of my scenery file with the PSD entry's did the trick, I can now see sids and stars when planning a route. I don't use any add-on scenery except for FreeMeshX, but I assume fsAerodata would also cause this discrepancy. With the P3d files loaded I now see 185603 waypoints does that sound about right? Thank you for the support and the great program, I look forward to see what other features you add. Jeff
  2. Hi Alex, I love what your doing with Little Navmap its a great program. The problem I'm having though is no sids or stars are showing in the procedure tab, just approaches with the "All Runways" drop down box is there. I have an active subscription to both fsAerodata and Navigraph. The fsAerodata configuration tool reports that my FSX:SE database is updated and installed. I also see the fsAerodata directory in my documents being scanned by LNM when loading the scenery library. Ive also noticed that when LNM finishes scanning it shows 214372 waypoints, but if I close the box and open load scenery library again it shows 166380 waypoints. A few other numbers changed to, so I'm not sure whats happening there. To my understanding I should be able to see sids and stars when planning a route, so it must be something I have set up wrong or I missed something. Thanks Jeff
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