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  1. Hi I see there is only one post regarding the downloads issue; just like to mention I'm with you on this; sure there must be many many users who would be happy for downloads to resume. Before I wiped my PC did not save the already downloaded parts for the B777, so the downloading did work back a few years ago. What with size of drives now I could accommodate all the files. But now its via the link including my paid for A320 training. Thankfully managed to keep the Q400 stuff..... Do not get me wrong ; if Airline2Sim are reading this...your videos are unique and world class!!!!; just would be nice after paying for the privilege you can watch cleanly on demand without restraints speed of link etc... I would then watch a lot more often and continue to but when B787 comes available....hint. Thanks Gusbow
  2. Hi I have purchased all the Q400,B777,EHAM and now the Greek Islands and really impressed. Apart from the last one, commentary is garbled, like underwater; enough to disappoint me that I'm not enjoying it. Reinstalled VLC but no difference and Media Player the same; checked sample of Q400/EHAM and you can hear Josh as clear as a bell The difference is very clear. This is why I pay money, because of their quality; hope I am not alone and Airline2Sim can check this for me.... Thanks Gusbow
  3. Hi Quick question.... Does the FS2Crew support 64 bit version Windows 7 for PMDG QOTS II On Fs2Crew website every other aircraft has a label on saying compatible "P3D 64 bit" QOTS II does not? Thanks Gus
  4. Hi guys Yes I was thinking of this to, and quick test seems to work but would like a dedicated controller so thinking of getting another Saitek quadrant so I have : Tiller, Gear, Trim / Spoilers,Throttle, Flaps. Will test more, I have registered FSUIPC especially with 'Steering Set' or 'Tiller'...just got the beast to 16GB ,,,what a difference so splashing out now for realism Cheers
  5. Thanks guys for replying, I have all the FS2crew for DASH,737,777 (on sale price of course) so it was just a pre-empt to get suitable program before sale finishes as would be annoying to find out Queen of the Skies would have done the 8i. I guess since in beta stage it will be a few months yet?, No doubt Fs2crew will be thinking the same way and release 8i version later on. I kind of skipped the main Queen of the Skies due to cost but now thinking just get the 8i as it has more bells and whistles like you said with ECS, EFB, which I have already with AivlaSoft EFB and it's brilliant now I have 16GB .....cheers
  6. Hi Thinking of the PMDG 747-8i future release, will Queen of the Skies PMDG 747-400 FS2Crew be compatible with the 747-8i. If not, do you think that FS2Crew will then release after just for that aircraft? Nice to know as I would buy FS2Crew in advance since Sale still on. Essentially same aircraft as far as FS2Crew goes, I think Thanks Gusbow
  7. Now I'm thinking on closer inspection, the gear is down, but into the Rwy so it's a Scenery issue? but only on a Save, now I don't know yet if FSDreamteam, UK2000 or Aerosoft Airports. More testing> or I just don't Save....but not practical Gus
  8. Hi Milton Yeah, I know about that default problem, note that I can start from scratch with new 777 liveries, new airport; All Fine. But the moment I save on the Runway, bang no gear Thanks, Gus
  9. Hi Chris Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does go through the 20 sec initial period. You can see from external view no gear and it sinks into Rwy. It's a good system I have and this is the only problem I have, surprised with PMDG; I go way back to original 747... I use FSUIPC and removed that, as it was suggested but no difference and reinstalled 777 completely to latest version Thanks, Gus
  10. Hi all I have a new installation of P3d v4, so nothing from v3 carried forward. Downloaded the ever brilliant PMDG products. However when a save a new scenario and return to load it the aircraft suddenly is flat on its belly with no gear? but does not crash; but not going anywhere unless on a ski slope! Really annoying as did not have this with v3, tried with 777 and 737 (not gear issue just went out of control Question is after downloading again, with a removal of the previous version and fresh install is this a problem noted elsewhere Thanks Gusbow
  11. Hi I noticed on watching the videos from Airline2Sim on the DASH 8 Q400 that the internal cockpit colour was a very cool dark green Yes we have liveries but until now, never paid much attention to the interior colour It's a very cool dark green; is that part of a particular livery or just clever video editing? Can you download this if not just an effect. Gusbow
  12. many thanks to 'tooting' for this line. I managed the [Entry.10]} in simobjects and the { <Launch.Addon>} in the prepar3d v3.cfgIf I launched the GUI centre it would crash after loading up, unknown to me UT2 was working fine in the sim; just didn't know it My line has (2) not (0) and I placed it in both fsx and P3D cfg file. Now going to backup entire system; it's that important..Gusbow
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