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  1. I managed, it was the headphones not working well. I completed one test flight and all seems very well, could speak to the tower and get response without any issue. Actually I put in Airbus in the MFG box and 7660 but it is saying it 660 but that is fine with me, even better as it is shorter. I will do some more test flights but if everything goes is it was today then I am sure you will hear from me in a positive way. Thanks
  2. Thanks I am away and cannot try, I will try to replace headset. I am flying Airbus A320 using callsign T7660 but when I press sayit it shows ~T7660 six six zero. I will try the options tomorrow but thanks for your prompt reply.
  3. I am trying to use Pilot2Atc as trial version on FS2020 and I noted the following:- 1. I am starting flight from runway on A320 I select request departure runway and press say it but no answer. Frequencies do change in FS when changed then on P2A , I tired calling ground, centre and tower but there is no answer. I have an input device as microphone although I am not sure if it is working correctly but initially I intend to use the sayit button to get accustomed. 2. This could be related, as I fly the tower will not give any instructions I am just flying on my own could be that nobody is hearing me 🙂 I appreciate any idea of what could be the problem. I have an input device Thanks
  4. I am back to FS after many years FSX and pre FSX, but I used to use Radar Contact which for me was excellent, I have been a number of years away so I am not sure what happened to this program. I am back using FS2020 but for ATC I ignore completely, for each flight when I try to fly the STAR will give me descent too late, at one point ATC kept insisting that I should be at 30,000ft when the plates says 6000ft so I follow the plates. Also I find it very weird that for many airports ATIS will not be available, at least not early enough. I mostly fly Europe and the flights I am doing are around Italy main airports.
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