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  1. Hello, I'm currently using the PFPX and decided to switch to Little Navmap; it is a fantastic app, but I stuck on how to get the EET for my trip to fill up the IVAP flight plan, and how do I calculate the fuel based on my route to configure my FMC. Not interested to use third party like Simbrief because it will be hard to maintain the Flightplan, multi apps aren't recommended, and it seems the fuelplanner.com is giving an estimated Fuel quantity not accurate, in general, the fuel calculation based on the route, the website is calculating the fuel assuming from the direct route between the departure and arrivals, it isn't giving a choice to insert the route. I should fill the Aircraft performance manually. I entered usable fuel 110,000 lbs to B747 for 4.5 hours added to the taxi, hold and reserved is 10,000 lbs, so a total of 140,000 lbs should be at the block. Trying to save, it giving the total usable is less than the Block Fuel and showing the block fuel around 258,000 lbs which are absolutely wrong. I made another Flighplan Jomo Kenyatta (HKJK) Gate 9, Gate Medium to Rafic Hariri International (OLBA) 2,630 nm, 10 h 09 m the distance is correct but the total EET (10 h 09 m) is wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. This is what I'm getting, I have exactly the same issue. I've reported before to the team, ,and they redirected to me to their ticketing system. I hope they fix the problem ASAP. Regards
  3. Sure I'm going to create a ticket and cooperate with the people. Regards
  4. Hello, I have B747 & B777 app, I'm facing a problem since long time and still didn't solve in each release. The problem is when I run the P3D I wait until it load then I'm lunching the interface to capture the aircraft loaded, after that I open the control panel I see that the load is matching the one appear. I go to the phone to open the B747, after clicking on Connect it say connected but it's not displaying the FMC home page, I should restart interface many times, and restart to mobile app many times too to be worked as well. So any suggestion to solve such as this problem? Regards
  5. Thank you for your support, I can confirm that it's working for PMDG 77w P3D v4 Regards
  6. Vitor, I don't have any installation yet, the OS is fresh when installed the v4 of P3d, so can you guide me to install it? Regards
  7. This link what I posted before on Thursday at 12:52 PM, but I'm asking if you have a single file to install it or it's update only and I should install another version before? because I tried to install it only, I got "Not able to copy the VAInterface.dll" Regards
  8. I don't know, we need one single point to download the latest version for P3D v4 for windows 10, I hope Vitor answer to this question., Regards
  9. Thanks for your reply ... Is there any one single point to download the compatible version with P3D v4 64-bit for windows-10 ? from where can I download it? Regards
  10. Hey Vitor, As per your post at https://virtualavionics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008729148-About-P3Dv4-Support you advised to extract the latest update from the VA interface, but in the snapshot there is update build which is, at the same time we don't know the installed version in order to update it, so, can you please provide the steps to install the VAInterface on windows 10 64-bit with P3Dv4 ? Bests Regards
  11. Hello, Could you please guide me to install the REX Worldwide Airports HD & REX Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds on P3D v4, I tried many search to get the topics but I couldn't catch it. Regards
  12. Hello, Is it possible the got the MEA livery? middle east airlines?
  13. Hello,Can I have the MEA "Middle East Airlines" Livery please?
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