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  1. yes, tried it on or off, there is no display of freq
  2. and No reply from Milviz, im really dissapointed, i just want to fly this Airplane on Vatsim.
  3. Not working, have NO tooltip, cannon see any freq.
  4. im not talking about the inbuilt ATC, but Online ATC Vatsim/Pilotedge, i cant change freq in the Corsair, there is no Radio display, for me this renders the Corsair useless, i bought it because it stated that the radio was modified to use as a modern radio, but NO Freq change can be seen whatsoever
  5. ok, No one seems to be asking about How to use the Radios, i have tried everything, the manual just says to buttons but they do not work, how can i tell the freq? i bought this to use it on Vatsim but i cant even get the radios to work
  6. What, msfs 2020 not ready for RXP, what nonsense is that???, if my option is flying p3d or xp with rxp or msfs without, im going msfs in an instance, so have fun with the sims you support, im sure default gps in msfs will be as good if not better, what then ??? i have bought rxp 750,650,530,430 for xp, and i think 530 for p3d but i have moved on. very dissapointed to hear that support for msfs is a long way off if ever.
  7. Im all for MS 2020 if they can deliver what XP does today, im not talking just the world, but what XP lacks the most, Clouds/weather/atmosphere, that is terrible today, and dont come XEnviro on me, i have had it since it came out, not an option. and support for cockpit builders, there are so many hardware makers today such AS realsimgear, virtualfly, and many many other, they need to be supported, the same with pilotedge, and a way to share cockpit flights with Friends like the upcoming shared cockpit from flyjsim, and of course VR. without these things XP11 will still be my main simulator but i will buy 2020 AS i do with just about every simulator coming out, but to compete with XP as a more serious sim they need to have these things in place. but the sim is looking gobsmacking good, so if these things are in from day one i think XP is going to have a very hard time competing.
  8. If only they could work with Realsimgear and make it compatible with G1000 Suite. Im tired of the 4K performance with XP11 so i will test it with p3dv4 in 4K, its a shame that there is no G1000 equipped airplanes with p3dv4 compatible with Realsimgear, noway im going back to p3dv3
  9. OMG, is it possible, not supporting 64bit P3D, i was about to buy when i saw this, but not now.
  10. hmm, all news is about waiting for replacement, what about info of how the New build is working???
  11. Hmm. they have lousy marketing, cannot find anything about their Products, they really should make a forum where customers can share experiences With their Products, and they should also give review units to popular Youtubers such as Frooglesim so they can review the Products, i think this is needed today to Reach customers.
  12. have tried to contact you via mail but no answer 😞 why do you not state the exact Dimensions and what kind of monitor you need for the ALPHA flight set, and why is there no forum on Your site, its impossible to get user experience about Your products dissapointed.
  13. i get an error, Download failed: file not found 404. i have clicked retry several times nothing works :-( is this it?? is this what i paid for ?????
  14. Why is no one complaining about the landing lights on the 690B, i get no illumination on ground with this plane, all other airplanes works great but not this one, the plane itself works fine in p3dv4.2 but i got no landing lights illuminating the ground in front of the plane, i see they are on in the outside view. i dont understand why, i use orbx global, OpenLC EU, OpenLC NA, Trees HD, EU Norway, and PTA 2.61
  15. Does anyone know why im not getting the landing lights illuminating the ground, im using p3dv4.2 and whatever i do the landinglights is not illuminating the ground, they are on, i see that in the outside view, and my settings are all ok. ps! can i have the 3 mod as well
  16. ok thats good, but is there a way of getting rid of the ugly window on top of the GTN when popped out, i dont like that on the screen
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