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  1. i found the video- my cookies were disabled or i wasn't logged in.. thanks.
  2. its low ram i think. invcrease your swap file. same thing happened to me at sfo and lax, but at small palces it loads. i needed 16 plus 8 at sfo and 16 (physical) and 12 swap for lax. you can use task manager to see it get used up.
  3. i had ctd at laoding screen in world to a major airport but increasing my swap to 12 giigs in addition to 18 physical solved my problem. i think you need alot of free ram- check taskmanager. i was watch the ram get swallowed until it ran out and crashed?
  4. schummy81 two vid cards? try just one. if its not pre oc'd then lower speed. check to see if you have any instance of old msfs x settings still in system. also if rtx is nvidia check release notes about hdr- because with some resolutoions hdr wont work. try running at 1080 p.
  5. i think charles fixed his because two minutes later he posted somewher he needed to change view to wings while flying. also one thing i did before installing was to delete every instance of old flight simulator x from appdata etc to registry. i bet some peole had a problem with this. the new development update due in a week said they were to fix many crash problems. hope that helped.
  6. one more thing. check your ram in system area op system . you could have blown a chip. maybe an area on disk is bad. install it temporaily on a completly diffrent drive. run sfc /scannow from admin command propmt (system file checker.) did a microsoft automatic update take place? etc. out.
  7. charlesk11. check event logs . you probably have something runnig blocking it. disable staem overlay etc. allow background downloads etc. i would disable xbox services in services. firewall antivirus check. - i think you need to check all that logical stuff. run task manager and whatch areas while it trys to load.
  8. yep. i have 16 gigs ram. Page file was at 500 meg i think. added 2 gig San Fran finally loaded. I have basic version msfs. I tried Lax - crashed. Had to put swap at 12 gigs for it to work. I guess when they say 32 gigs recommened I think they mean it. also at this setting i have terrain setal to 135. object detail max. tessalation runways etc ultra, one more at ultra -i have it installed on a 7200 rpm with swap on ssd. I cant beleive it, i dont have a real good system. live weather and live traffic. I think charlesk11 has a resource problem though.
  9. mr moderator- where are the controller setup videoa?"
  10. I had trouble when game was to load in the game world. kept crashing with obscure errors. All it was was the memory amount i had. i reduced load by adjusting options and it fired great. it was the terrain detail slider for me. i now have ultra and high settings object detail maxed etc. no crash. also i have read that joytaick controlers can crash game because msfs doesn't recognise. maybe you have a broken mouse or joystick? also check the rolling cache file in appdata microsoft-fssim directory. it could have eaten your free space on boot drive and will prevent msfs from loading. delete it and change it to another drive. sorry about game.
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