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  1. Maybe missing EZdok camera config? Usually looks like that if the config tool is not run after adding aircraft model.
  2. Finnburger

    windows8 pmdg problem

    I must correct my earlier post as it was all my fault. I failed to notice the activation dialog after re-install. After activation everything works just fine.
  3. Hi! I have a strange issue with X-Plane 10.22 64-bit on Windows 8.1 platform. I am having this problem with 757 Professional. Could be other planes too, but I tried longer flights only with this plane. E.g. ESSA to EFHK it is just after tod that I lose all sound in X-plane. I tried to restart sound card (Focusrite), but it does nothing. Windows plays sounds just fine in the background. Could be something related to X-planes own audio driver and Windows 8 power management? I have disabled power-management for all usb-devices. Has anyone experienced this annoying problem. It effectively denies the use of 757 and X-Plane for me. Any tips appreciated. ----- Arto
  4. Finnburger

    windows8 pmdg problem

    I have the same problem after updating to 8.1. 8 RTM was working, after update all my PMDG stuff just died. I reinstalled NGX, but no go. A bit disappointed that I cannot enjoy my 777 and NGX. Everything else seems to work.