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  1. Maybe missing EZdok camera config? Usually looks like that if the config tool is not run after adding aircraft model.
  2. I must correct my earlier post as it was all my fault. I failed to notice the activation dialog after re-install. After activation everything works just fine.
  3. Hi! I have a strange issue with X-Plane 10.22 64-bit on Windows 8.1 platform. I am having this problem with 757 Professional. Could be other planes too, but I tried longer flights only with this plane. E.g. ESSA to EFHK it is just after tod that I lose all sound in X-plane. I tried to restart sound card (Focusrite), but it does nothing. Windows plays sounds just fine in the background. Could be something related to X-planes own audio driver and Windows 8 power management? I have disabled power-management for all usb-devices. Has anyone experienced this annoying problem. It effectively denies the use of 757 and X-Plane for me. Any tips appreciated. ----- Arto
  4. I have the same problem after updating to 8.1. 8 RTM was working, after update all my PMDG stuff just died. I reinstalled NGX, but no go. A bit disappointed that I cannot enjoy my 777 and NGX. Everything else seems to work.
  5. DX10, OOMs in DX9. I only fly during daytime though. I wish these issues with some Aerosoft airports could be resolved. FTXG night lights I managed to resolve by renaming a file (3D_Light_NEW_DDN_1_5.bgl to .bak). Some late texture updates after view change, otherwise i'm happy. I wish there would be a DX9 config walkthrough or document too.
  6. Mykonos runway 16 visual approach with PMDG 737. This video is made for comparison as I earlier tried to make a manual landing with Aerosoft Airburs X Extended. How is that for a late flare.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I will try to smoothen that flare.
  8. That is just the standard Aerosoft Airbus X Extended stuff. It comes with RAAS limited, but I had already bought the unlimited version also for PMDG flights (and FS2crew of course). AXE has copilot out of the box. Mykonos runway 16 visual approach third attemp. I almost got. The turn is still not level, but I managed to have a little stable time on 110 degree base leg. How short that time is! I had acceptable alignment with runway, too high descent rate at the start, but got hold of it on the treshold. Some traffic problems on the runway due to not having stopped UT2.
  9. This is my second attemp to make a manual landing with Airbus Extented. There are some clitches because of my poor system, fraps and fsrecorder. I managed to make much smoother turn, but the landing is still like a carrier landing. I have to make the turn later to have more time to descent and get stable properly.
  10. Thanks for the great tips dmbusmc! I will try to make those practice circles today. I have to make some standard rate turns and watch that altitude and pitch. I am also already following the Aerosoft forums so I guess I might post this there also.
  11. Hi! Thanks for the tip. I did try to maintain certain rate of of descent, but the turn at the harbour makes it hard. I can turn ok in a ga plane, but I guess I have to start to practice Airbus manual turns.
  12. Hi! I tried my best, but there it is. Anyone have any tips to make this approach smoother? I used this site to help me find out the procedure. http://pilotsbriefin...2011/09/page/7/ Pro-atc-X seems unaware of this since it wants me to approach over the hills from north. The real world approach video is here: Regards, Arto
  13. I have just bought Aerosoft Helsinki airport and there's no night runway lights in DX10 preview mode. All Mega Airports are the same? I really wish there could be some way to use these airports in DX10 mode. These DX10 tips have really made my FSX a new thing. Thanks for the folks involved!