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  1. Lord_Nibbo

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    I'm ok with the sound, I just wanted to know what the cause was and if it needed attending to. So if it is auto trim so be it.
  2. Lord_Nibbo

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    yes that' s the sound .... so what causes it?
  3. Lord_Nibbo

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    No it's not that,,, this is sort of an irregular clicking sound... maybe five or six clicks then a gap of a couple of seconds then another five or six clicks then maybe a gap a dozen seconds the a couple of click... and it's through the whole speed range right up to over speed. I must say it could well be an auto trim, I just don't know what it is.
  4. Loud warning sound ... clicking sound ..... I can't identify what the problem is, so I can' t stop it .... has anyone else encountered it ?
  5. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    Yes ! ..... Following your instructions it worked. Many thanks :)
  6. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    I don't have anything else running other then P3Dv4.3. No scenery turned on except Orbx Global. I boot up P3D default at Eglin with the raptor then select the PMDG 737 if I select the 800 or 900 there is no problems they works perfectly. Now if I boot up again to Eglin with the raptor but this time choose any of the 700's or 600's as soon as the aircraft has initalized it sinks into the ground about the depth of it wheels and then starts bouncing, it is definitely the expansion that there is a problem with. see this https://www.flickr.com/photos/lord_nibbo/29039934247/in/album-72157659335103653/
  7. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    No I don't use EZDok.
  8. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    No If I load just either the 700 or the 600 it happens
  9. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    I am starting it on the default with the F22 Raptor at Elgin, Trying out all the types i.e 800-900 I do believe it is only the Expansion 600-700 that the problem lies with.
  10. Lord_Nibbo

    PMDG 737 Bouncing violently

    I'm using P3Dv4.3 with windows 7...... I've just done a reinstall of my PMDG 737ngx and the 600-700 expansion but now when I load up after about a minute the aircraft sinks into the tarmac about the depth of a wheel then starts bouncing violently, at the same time the aircraft is un flyable and I have to reboot P3Dv4.3 to get it to work correctly. Is this a known problem? is there a fix?
  11. Lord_Nibbo


    1 I have tried Windows 10 three times and in frustration to get everything running ok, things like GoFlight/Saitek addons, I returned to windows 7, if nothing is broken why mend it? 2 P3D running in C:\ Program Files \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4 is no different to running it in C:\ Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4 there are no permission problems in using the Programs Files folder and that is why it is the folder of choice by Lockheed Martin Prepar3Dv4 the only problem folder is Program Files (x86) that is governed by the need for permissions. 3 The two GTX 980 SLI'd together has no use for FSX or P3D it is solely for other programs I have that benefit from them. but it does mean I could have more than 10 screens if I wanted them :) 4 I will not over clock no one will ever get me to do that, mine runs at a cool 35 degrees and will probably last me my life time, you go a head and cook yours if you want to. :) PS I mentioned that I have and use GoFlight and saitek addons. I would like to say I have no drivers for any of the saitek instrument panels and I don't use Spad or Spad next, I devised my own way to get them all to work. the only software I use for the GoFlight addons is one driver from GoFlight and a GoFlight Interface tool from PollyPot Software. I say again no saitek software and no Spad ot Spad Next. :)
  12. Lord_Nibbo


    Yes it's a bigger problem than Lockheed would like any one to know. Just do a google "P3Dv4.3 freezing on Generating Scenery Files " They keep saying it our scenery addons that cause the problem, That's not true because mine worked ok with the same scenery on P3Dv4.2, nothing was added but now I'm totally shot trying to get P3Dv4.3 to work with my original scenery.cfg that was backed up from P3dv4.2. 😞
  13. Lord_Nibbo


    I guess you have not had this trouble YET then http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6322&t=130122 I just wish I had saved P3Dv4.2 😞
  14. Lord_Nibbo

    True Earth...The Netherlands...

    29 minutes to go :)
  15. Lord_Nibbo

    Earth Simulations Shawbury Fields

    Yes I already know that, that is why I'm asking here it it is possible to get Shawbury Fields from any other source as I know it was never made into a boxed version. It was originally only sold as a direct download from Earth Simulations.