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  1. P2A 2.5R2 export a full FP to FF 757 v2 XP11. Only Dep and ARR ICAO codes are written into the flp file. Dekel
  2. Hi, Using stable branch. I uninstalled CP using VFX Central and installed EzDok 2. When I start P3DV4 I get a prompt that CP detected EzDock config and removed them... Why? Is it VFX? I think its a bug. Update 1, Its not VFX, Apperantly CP is not complety uninstalled.. as it still runs something when I start P3D.. this is for sure a bug. Update 2: Uninstalling CP doesnt remove it from P3D exe,xml and from the program files / oldprop directory. Dekel
  3. Hi, i really dont know how to describe my issue, but my main issue with p3d/fsx was the mouse move feel coming from XP I got spoiled with the way the mouse right click and move feels, so smooth and follow my hand movement without delay. for some reason i am unable to replicate this with chase plane.. any idea how to achieve the same function and most importantly the FEEL ? Thanks Dekel
  4. dekela

    black texture

    I looked everywhere and I cant find a fix. Anyone knows what causes this issue and how to fix it? Thanks Dekel
  5. dekela

    NVidia Inspector Settings?

    What is your in game settings? What GPU?
  6. Hey fellow pilots. I just installed my 777 in FSX Steam addition and I am trying to update the default AIRAC cycle. I use Navigraph FMS Manager and in the addon mapping I use the PMDG Products all and set the directory to my steamapps/common/fsx/ However, When I install the AIRAC my 777 FMS is still using the old Cycle. I noticed that the following directory is being created on the steam edition while it is not on the boxed edition: <FMCWP> and in it I have the correct cycle. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks Dekel Amrani.