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  1. And it's also a real world problem. I've heard pilots complaining that their TCAS gave alerts on final approach in Lisbon due to navy boats on the river. J Pires
  2. I'm not a real world NG pilot, but a real world pilot non the less. If the airplane is light it will climb faster and at a steeper angle, all other things remaning equal, and as such, you get to a higher (safer) altitude faster. I wouldn't see a problem if I had to maintain a "higher than usual" pitch angle in order to keep my initial climb speed. Just my 2c
  3. Hey everyone,I have a weird problem with the JS41 that I'm yet to encounter on any other FSX airplane. When I use the outer knob to the tune the ADF the hundreds value changes (ie 389.0 -> 489.0) and when I use the inner knob I get the decimal values changed (ie 389.0 -> 389.1). Like so, I'm unable to change the other tenths and the units, in my example the 89. The weird thing is that this behaviour doesn't appear to be constant, sometimes I'm sucessful in completing tunning the ADF as I wich. A workaround I've found for this is to use the RMI on LNAV and chose a direct to the NDB I'd like to tune, but this isn't always practical. Thanks for your helpJoão Pires
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