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    ORBX YBBN FPS issues

    I installed SP4, the new libs and the 121 patch for YBBN.I must say that with some of my other aircraft, the A2A B17 for instance, FPS now lingers around the 15 mark looking at the terminal building and into town. After TO on RW01 once over the see FPS jumps to 25. With the J41, which is a FPS eater by itself, I get 11 doing the same and once every now and then a dip to 8 or 9. Pity though as my VA has a route going in there which I will have to fly often. I'm going to give Ant's rendition a whirl and see what happens.
  2. c402_cvs

    ORBX YBBN FPS issues

    Thanx for the headsup. Having a look.
  3. c402_cvs

    ORBX YBBN FPS issues

    My PC specs are I7 2600K running at 4Ghz, 8GB 1800 DDR3 and a GTX570 running Win7 64bitI get 15fps and sometimes as low as 9 in the PMDG J41.AI traffic is at 20% John Venema over on their forums simply refuses to acknowledge that there is a performance problem with YBBN saying that there are one person with a Core Duo running it at 25fps (Bullsh!t). Frankly his attitude towards his customers leave a lot to be desired. Anyone else struggling at YBBN?
  4. Crews hardly ever touch those, why do you want them off as well? FRED
  5. I got that after SP1 aswell but only if there is smoke or something like that present, ie when you fry the motors. Otherwise it's not happening so I live with it.
  6. Works like a charm, even with start locks!!! I'm impressed!!! ThanxFRED
  7. c402_cvs

    FS2004 killed by Windows 7? (RTM 32 bits)

    Had a weird thing last night. Running Win 7 Pro and had issues with saving FSUIPC configs (they won't stick, have to do them over each time I fly the aircraft) so I decided to run FSX as admin. When I tried to center my Track IR with F12 I got the satellite view. Very strange.
  8. c402_cvs

    Thrust Reverse in FS9

    I use my Saitek Pro Throttle Quad levers as throttles, calibrate FSUIPC so the lowest value is at the top of the detent. Then goto FSUIPC 'button', pull the lever back and it should generate a button pressed. Program this with 'Throttle decr' and press the hold tick mark. Works like a charm in everythin from the PMDG MD11 to the DF 727
  9. c402_cvs


    The basic advice is to stay away, far away!!! Mailed them via their webpage awhile ago with some question I had before buying and never got a response!
  10. c402_cvs

    maddog 2006 VC abandoned?

    I have not bought it but played with it at a friends place! Systems are truely well done, it's a real pity. With a VC this would have rated right up there with the PMDG 744!!
  11. c402_cvs

    maddog 2006 VC abandoned?

    They are gone!!! Davide logged in on Sept 11, answered one post regarding community procedure files and poof never seen again! So they are back from holiday but this project is DEAD!
  12. What does the TAF or METAR say for your flight? ie What is the wind doing relative to the runway heading?
  13. c402_cvs

    Aerosoft 747 MCP Error

    Aerosoft has the PMDG744 in their online shop!FRED
  14. c402_cvs

    FMC on 8" Touchscreen Monitor

    How will you stop FS9 minimizing when clicking on the touchscreen. As far as I know the game will minimize if it's window looses focus which it would if you click on the touchscreen. Must go try it tonight and see if it works.