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  1. That's exactly what's happening to me. Out of the blue my trim goes to full down several times (cessna citation) and other times my views will stop working. If I wait a few minutes the views start working again. Annoying as hell.
  2. I can only get the hat switch to work in either cockpit or external. Not both. VKB Gladiator MKII
  3. Let me just add that I've spent hours trying to program the VKB Gladiator MKII stick with modest success. It's uncanny that Microsoft would release a Sim with the worst user interface I've ever seen. The Sim itself is stunning but cmon..... who wants to fly with a mouse.
  4. I wish there was just one place you could find every repaint because I know I'd like them all but haven't time to search around. They seem to be scattered. Also, not submitting them to Microsoft doesn't help the cause to get Flight reinstated. If they saw a bunch coming at them maybe it will relight that bulb. Richard
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