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  1. Hello guys thanks a lot for your answers, but I'm still cannot install my gauges, any idea? because the installers get stuck at that point and I don't have them either for FSX_SE neither for prepar3d. many thanks and regards! mario
  2. Hello I unistalled and deactivate the licences either for G1000 and GNSs before reinstalling my OS, did a fresh install of the OS (W10 x64) Installed for the first time FSX Steam standallone and P3D V2 (nothing else before) reinstalling for the first time both g1000 and GNSs, at the end I get the following message: windows registry points to fsx steam and Microsoft FSX in the same folder. the installation cannot continue until this is corrected. I dont have estonia migration tool, nor edited the registry. FSX Steam stand allone (no ms fsx DVD installed before) your Simregedit tool shows no issues and correct paths. what can I do? Thanks Mario
  3. Hello I have both FSX Boxed and FSX Steam due scenery reasons (one for ORBX the other for regular FSX autogen) I was able to install both GNS and G1000 on FSX boxed but the installer doesn't seems to show the option between both versions of FSX.It goes directly to FSX boxed version. I was able to edit manually the fsx steam dll,.xml to allow hypergauge to be recognized, having it at FSX SE modules. it recognize it and after that during loading, FSX SE asks if they are trusted including MPI gauges, but it fails after loading (having a true path to steam fsx edited on the dll.xml) but ....if I point the path to the hypergauge installed at FSX Boxed module, it loads! without any trouble. I already installed fsx SE simconnect to avoid problems with it. Is this correct? or do you you have separate installers for both FSX DVD and SE? like F1 GTN does. Many thanks Mario
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