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  1. RXP...sorry for the delay..I was able to get the unit working with an X-Plane update (not re-install). I am confident that it should work. However, it would be great to have a "recent" installer on stand-by for the next time there is an issue. Hopefully there will not be a next time, but, just in case. Thanks for all your help!
  2. RXP, thanks for the response. I isolated the file and still no go? Having issues with F1. I assume we can still re-download from the site?
  3. I am trying to re-download and reinstall the GTN 750. When I use the [edited] link to the e-commerce installer, I get an error saying the install is not clean? My anti-virus automatically quarantines the link? Anyone else having issues? any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! UPDATE! Now I get a download failed error 404 message? Thought I was making progress....
  4. Good afternoon...same situation....been looking for direct installation instructions...great product, hard to install..will wait for someone's help. Thanks!
  5. I love this plane! So much so, I honestly have to force myself to fly some other "toy" in my hangar. As a RW pilot this is pretty close to what this craziness we call simming is all about. The feel, the visuals and the sounds. Someone says I can't taxi, another, I can't landing straight. Every single pilot in the world who will land this plane, will land this plane a little bit different. I will say, that without proper tools, just like a great woodworker, flying a machine like the TBM just became that much harder. I am very lucky and very blessed to have those tools at this point of my simulation days. Yes, I am able to afford great pedals and other input controls, but those "tools", only allow me to be a better pilot ONLY after hours and hours and then more hours of practicing taxiing, then full throttle down the runway to feel the handling to then just before rotation slow her down and then do it all over again. I have flown for many years with CH Product rudders, and Saitek rudders and now really great pedals that came with a higher price, but that tool allows me to fly with confidence. To be a good pilot in any aircraft, with any tools, the process of training your brain is essential. Keep practicing. Read the POH. (it's only 700+ pages! 🙂 ) Learn everything about this amazing work of art, it's craftsmanship. It's just a fun plane to fly. Is it perfect? No, nothing is. But I would love to hear about how many of us practice, not just hop in and fly. The developers have giving us a true piece of art, that happens to fly really, really well! It's not the plane fault all the time. After almost 30 years of doing what all of us do each day and night for whatever reason (or excuse) we need, this plane is pretty darn close.
  6. Just my two cents...the program is brand new and needs two things....some work (and patience) on our end and inevitable updates from the developer(which is coming soon)...I have worked with the program all week and getting closer to seeing great results....again just my opinion.
  7. as always, if you would post your log.txt from the main folder in XP, we can take a look and see what might wrong or what is causing the problem.
  8. Bought her 2 days ago..great flying plane, sounds, graphics. Very well done. Here is a quick , very short non-pro video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR6zYtU07OU&t=5s
  9. so...a couple of thoughts. What are you comparing this too? Does you system have enough power to reproduce the ZL18? Some of the images granted does look ok, but not amazing? Post your specs and then also, what area are you creating. We can help I promise.
  10. I use Ortho and just created an exclusion zone and eliminated the trees..
  11. thanks....I will look into it...what I would really like is just a simple way to eliminate the trees altogether from XP. I find flying over nothing but Ortho with added roads and light from XP is what I prefer. But I will look into add-on. Again, thanks!
  12. I have been creating scenery and using Ortho and have what be a silly question. I have the continental US done at 16. Now I am going back and doing major cities that I fly frequently at 19. All is great except, the default trees drive me nuts! I don't think that Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City has trees on the 30 yard line. And I know that many building in Southern California don't all have roof top forest. The only two solutions I see are: 1. turn down graphic settings to low or minimal (that is unacceptable as I lose my night lighting and cars) or: 2. Use WED to create exclusion zones area the metro areas? Anyone else have a different idea? Thanks in advance.
  13. Data, just use the Global Scenery in XP for the overlays.... "XP11/Global Scenery/XP11 Global Scenery"
  14. Outstanding. We fly out of KVYS and have flown over LL10 many times!
  15. Jason, stop buying the program...lol....do you see the "headset" icon in the upper right corner of the screen in XP11? If so the program should under plugins? Is it there? Hopefully you have it resolved but I can help tomorrow after work id you want. Should not but a little bit to get you up and running. Keep us posted
  16. Jason, stop buying the program...lol....do you see the "headset" icon in the upper right corner of the screen in XP11? If so the program should under plugins? Is it there? Hopefully you have it resolved but I can help tomorrow after work id you want. Should not but a little bit to get you up and running. Keep us posted.
  17. A great start to another piece of the "immersion" puzzle, Would have loved to see a take off and see if effect fades out. Regardless, hopefully it will be added. VR gets closer each time I fly and would love the added eye-candy.
  18. Ses, what was the fix? What did you find? I also am missing overlays?
  19. Not a problem. XOrganizer is NOT really for the simulator per se. It is a tool we use to "organize" all the add ons we accumulate over a period of time. After awhile, our XP folders looks like laundry days with pile of all different clothes everywhere. I have three separate HDD's for XP and overtime they can get pretty cluttered and out of order. What it does, it goes out, and with your help will literally put everything in order so the program runs smoother as the PC doesn't have to look all over for that missing sock. So, it really does not need to be in your XP folder. It just needs to be told "where" your XP folder is when setting up the program. Now, FSEnhancer is a plugin that goes "inside" your Plugin folder that sits inside your Resource folder inside of XP. Hope that helps. Keep us posted!
  20. Has anybody been able to register for the gateway and upload new scenery? I have a just completed version of KVYS with ground traffic and really nice AI traffic that works - :) - but can't get registered to upload and haven't been able to for a few days? Any Ideas?
  21. nanosour, the only way to remove it that I know of, is to use either exclusion zones in WED or try using the Overlay Editor. Either way, you can remove most anything you want. I just completed creating the US and there are some areas that I just wanted the Ortho tiles so in WED, I created exclusion zones and the result is quite satisfying.
  22. I purchased X-ATC-Chatter awhile ago and recently the log.txt file show that "sometimes" X-ATC-Chatter causes XP11.11 to not shutdown properly? Not a major concern but I have been meaning to ask if anyone else has the problem. If I remove X-ATC-Chatter from the plugin folder, all goes well? Any suggestions or comments? It really is a great program that adds quite a deal of even more immersion to XP.
  23. tonywob, thanks for the response. I DO have all scenery linked. Custom scenery is showing all tiles. I would like to see all completed tiles in the Earth Tile Map when I open Ortho4xp. Because I have two separate installs of Orth4XP on two separate 4TB external drives, this seems not to be possible.
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