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  1. Seriously amazing rain

    A great start to another piece of the "immersion" puzzle, Would have loved to see a take off and see if effect fades out. Regardless, hopefully it will be added. VR gets closer each time I fly and would love the added eye-candy.
  2. Thanks for the reply...I understand....
  3. Ses, what was the fix? What did you find? I also am missing overlays?
  4. Not a problem. XOrganizer is NOT really for the simulator per se. It is a tool we use to "organize" all the add ons we accumulate over a period of time. After awhile, our XP folders looks like laundry days with pile of all different clothes everywhere. I have three separate HDD's for XP and overtime they can get pretty cluttered and out of order. What it does, it goes out, and with your help will literally put everything in order so the program runs smoother as the PC doesn't have to look all over for that missing sock. So, it really does not need to be in your XP folder. It just needs to be told "where" your XP folder is when setting up the program. Now, FSEnhancer is a plugin that goes "inside" your Plugin folder that sits inside your Resource folder inside of XP. Hope that helps. Keep us posted!
  5. Has anybody been able to register for the gateway and upload new scenery? I have a just completed version of KVYS with ground traffic and really nice AI traffic that works - :) - but can't get registered to upload and haven't been able to for a few days? Any Ideas?
  6. nanosour, the only way to remove it that I know of, is to use either exclusion zones in WED or try using the Overlay Editor. Either way, you can remove most anything you want. I just completed creating the US and there are some areas that I just wanted the Ortho tiles so in WED, I created exclusion zones and the result is quite satisfying.
  7. I purchased X-ATC-Chatter awhile ago and recently the log.txt file show that "sometimes" X-ATC-Chatter causes XP11.11 to not shutdown properly? Not a major concern but I have been meaning to ask if anyone else has the problem. If I remove X-ATC-Chatter from the plugin folder, all goes well? Any suggestions or comments? It really is a great program that adds quite a deal of even more immersion to XP.
  8. Where Ortho sends the tiles??

    tonywob, thanks for the response. I DO have all scenery linked. Custom scenery is showing all tiles. I would like to see all completed tiles in the Earth Tile Map when I open Ortho4xp. Because I have two separate installs of Orth4XP on two separate 4TB external drives, this seems not to be possible.
  9. Where Ortho sends the tiles??

    Chas, I was hoping for a simple yet similar solution to what I would like to do. Simply put, have ONE map showing all the tiles for both installs of Ortho4xp? Hoping for too much?
  10. Adam, Did you get the answer you were looking for? It's quite simple actually. Start WED. Create new scenery with the name of your airport. Go to next screen. Import from Gateway and have fun. Always make a new scenery not just import so if you make a mistake you can just delete from custom scenery. Hope this help. Keep us posted. Here is a great video that will explain what you want to do:
  11. Everyone....I spent the day figuring out my issues. First, I use 3 separate monitors. Sometimes I do use all 3 in XP for full surround visuals. BUT, if I am only flying on 1 monitor, it MUST be the main monitor in XP and the #1 monitor in windows 10. Once I got this, all is fine. So, apparently Windows 10, XP11 & GTN need to learn to play nice together. :)..so for multi monitor set-ups, XP11=Main Monitor & Windows 10=#1 monitor in setup. Jean-Luc, thanks for your patience and wonderful support and thank you my friend for an absolute magical add-on to the sim. I am a RW pilot and this just makes my training that much more precise. Happy New year and keep up the great work in 2018.
  12. ster100..welcome to the world of X-Plane. AI traffic is kind of iffy in XP11. There are many great add-ons to get. Where do you fly and what types of airplanes mainly, GA or Airliners? The reason I ask is, that you can get World Traffic 3 or X-LIfe mainly for the Airliner flyer if that's what you like to do. If you fly GA and not in a major city then maybe adding your own down the road with a program like WED will be good for you. What I mean by all this is XP11 allows you to customize most parts of the program. It a learning curve that will take you months to fully understand and longer hopefully since Larimer is always changing/improving the program. I don't know your history with flight sims, but XP11 is like going to an Ivy League school compared to a community school - (I say that with all due respect to FSX and others. I spent 20 plus years with FSX till converting full time to XP). Enjoy the flights and keep us posted on your progress.
  13. trmii...you are right--and very smart--- multi monitors don't like the GTN series if the main monitor is NOT your windows 10 monitor. Thanks for the early Christmas present! :)
  14. VFF, sorry to hear you are having the same issue buy very glad to hear I am not alone. Jean-Luc, I did move all the plugins away and same result.I was not able to move XPLM and XPWidgets. The sim refused to start with out them?? I also downloaded the latest drivers for the GPU. I will keep testing and report back.
  15. also, would anyone have a guide to directory listings for the GTN 750? I just want to make sure everything is in it's right place?