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  1. The new MSFS might be the start of the sprint to catch up competition though. If MSFS thrives, Bing maps will be improved from feedbacks, and vice versa.
  2. A320 has FBW system, by which automatically sustain attitude when there is not any input from stick. Therefore no need to manual trim. It can be deactivated somewhere in the overhead panel, but it is not really need to do so under normal situation.
  3. It does stay, though I don't know where they keep personal settings.
  4. I fear the worst scenario. What if MS & Asobo collect „enough“ money with unfinished product and decide to abandon it too early? When the release hype is gone, there could be only handful of simmers left and keeping updates and maintenances for such a big project could seem unprofitable. MSFS2020 is released immature. I don’t want it left forever immature.
  5. I can see some difference but I can certainly live with 100. Looking forward to crank those numbers up to 5.0+ in two or three years. Hope this software will utilize all the capabilities of future hardwares.
  6. Aerodynamic is the important physics for this kind of "game" for me to play, not surface or damage modelling. When I want some realistic "simulation" of such kind of physics, I would rather play BeamNG. It would be ideal to have a omni-purpose physics for underwater, ground, airborne, space and etc., of course, but I don't think it's possible today.
  7. As I (unfairly) compared current night lighting of MSFS at higher FL with that of earlier version of XP11, I thought MSFS doing well because it's a lot better than nothing, which earlier XP11 has to offer. But your first picture seems awful to me as well. It's not good. Just barely tolerable. Your second video made me shocked! Is there really so easy and shallow method to create night terrain textures out of daytime satellite images? Then it's understandable why MSFS devs took such method to cover whole planet. If devs want to correct that reversed night texture globally, then they should have correct nighttime satellite images of whole planet. I doubt even Google have such database since there's very little use except for flights. Maybe alpha version had correct nighttime satellite images, but these seem to be dropped out because inconsistency for global application. We'll see if some handmade area have correct night textures and if they are seamlessly integrated to generic inverted night textures.
  8. Didn't try it myself, but wouldn't it help "simulated eye adaptation" quicker, if you crank up flood light fully up to storm light so that the brightness difference of inside & outside of cockpit should be minimal? When you drive in real life, you can see lights in long tunnels are fully lighten in daytime and dimmed at night in order to minimize sudden difference in light conditions.
  9. Nice discovery! Would there be any way to do it on community folders, not on core files?
  10. Pre-made LIT textures are mandatory in order to cover whole terrain to the horizon at FL200+ MSFS did it very well and effectively. I think they took the right decision. X-Plane's method seems to be fancy and fundamental solution, but it's very ineffective and visually not so realistic. Earlier versions X-Plane 11 (till 11.20) didn't have LIT texture for night terrain, maybe because it's devs were too proud of their new night lighting. But everything was pitch black at higher altitude because their "real" lights sources were shut down due to LOD distance, and light points were abruptly popping in as you fly nearer to ground and terrain tiles in front of your flying coarse. I remember it because I had to make LIT textures for X-Plane 11 out of X-Plane 9 LIT textures. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/42198-urbantexture_mod/&tab=comments#comment-236838
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