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  1. This is looking like a heck of an interesting sim (to put it mildly) and if performance, features and flight feel live up to promises will likely see me exit X-Plane as a primary. Interesting appeal is their prioritisation of low-and-slow VFR over heavy metal as I fly the former exclusively and in a selfish way, the absence of the airliner “scene” from X-Plane was always a plus. Now, one has to create crafty filtered searches on YouTube and the like to filter out the endless 2hr Twitch streams of “some guy in an Airbus”. I’m sure you jet stream dwellers will be served in good time but it’s good to see Microsoft returning to the spirit of their product and prioritising recreational aviation.
  2. Woah - poetry in motion Tony! Looks like Wanganui or possibly somewhere on the Coromandel?
  3. As a Kiwi, best of luck to him. Have long looked over the fence with envy at Robin Corn's work for FSX as it really is very detailed. I'll be interested to see how he adapts to the X-Plane ecosystem, particularly in regard to DRM and protecting the signifiant investment in custom scenery object development as X-Plane doesn't (yet) provide the same protections for content developers as the FSX world. I'm already pretty happy with the ortho and mesh results I can get with Ortho4XP and Alpilotx's work and hope to have more time in future to enhance this with my own NZ scenery development so I'm probably not the target market but if you're looking for an OrbX treatment of NZ from someone who lives and breathes flight sim scenery fidelity in NZ then this is your guy. I'll be keeping an eye on the project for sure. Would be particularly interested if he releases a custom scenery object overlay which could sit on top of the AlpilotX/Ortho4XP content at a price point below that of the product which incorporates privately sourced ortho imagery and mesh data.
  4. So long as its there when the VR hardware can deliver 1080p and under 700USD I agree. Yep - moving weather depictions. Hopefully some NGO/Academic Research/Philanthropic Industry Giant will develop an open-access cloud-based global real-time weather modelling engine in a few years (seems inevitable at some stage) that software including X-Plane can leverage to depict it. Yes but I'd qualify that by saying not at the expense of the home brew scenery culture X-Plane has now. For example, X-Plane had some amazing talents pushing the envelope in plane development back in the late noughties who are now all but forgotten (XB-70 Valkyrie anyone). A wave of emigres from the "other" sim came along and the spirit changed, despite the clear legacy owed to those originally pushing the envelope. It would be unfortunate to see the same thing happen with scenery creation. Turn scenery creation into a market and it'll be driven by marketers... just saying. Agree here too. Even given the 1˚ tile restriction, it should be possible at some level as you say, to patch modified data into the tile generation process so localised areas of landform can be of higher fidelity. The reason it runs on OSX is the only reason I started using it in the first place (many years ago). Apple's hardware decisions in the last decade or so and the increasing demands of the sim have made that a difficult proposition but there are signs of this changing (more customisable Pro line machines). True And true...
  5. Something's wrong with the picture if you need a 1070 to get acceptable performance or are you talking a fully-loaded maxed out rig? The 970 is only a year or so old. From Laminar's stats 30% or so of users are on Macs - how on earth are they going to get on with (in the main) only weak integrated GPUs?
  6. So are you talking about the Autogen Block (.agb) format as documented here? Good to see someone digging into them if so as they were trumpeted as part of the 'plausible world' for the XP10 release and have some neat features. Odd in many ways that the format hasn't had more attention.
  7. <Gasp> Tony - you're a gentleman and a scholar sir! As a Kiwi I'm drooling over these shots. BTW, I have located those WGTN GIS files I mentioned but have been distracted with family matters. Still very willing to test the work if you need some testing from someone on the ground. This is really exceptional work!
  8. Another question - do you have a link to info about SIXA you could provide. Google turned up nothing related to PaaS.
  9. Fascinating stuff. Excuse my ignorance here but isn't there significant latency in terms of screen refresh? Also how is sound synthesis handled and relayed?
  10. Have read a few comments how XEnviro is a definite winner for Jetliners but SMP4 may be better for GA VFR. Can any users with both products indicate which is the more immersive product below 20K feet? Thanks.
  11. Very excited by the potential of VR but will also wait for next gen tech before investing. A variety of reasons for this but mostly because my rig will be due for upgrade next year and I'll be better placed to spec the components for 2nd gen consumer VR (though I doubt the established names will have anything to market within 18 mths). I suspect the combination of more and better quality VR content, greater competition between manufacturers and further innovation in performance and fidelity of the hardware will see things like tether-less headsets, more naturalist haptic devices and higher resolution available at the same price point as current hardware (possibly less if manufacturing competition is fierce enough - one thing that could influence this would be the ability to use console hardware on desktops). Of course with tech, the best time to buy anything is tomorrow but for me, where I'm soon entering a phase of life where I have a little more time and resource to invest into simming, the opportunity to bypass all the bulk and complexity of sim pit add-ons and enter a fully immersive flight environment sitting on the couch is near perfect timing.
  12. Can anyone testing the FlyInside software confirm whether HUDs work correctly? Are the readouts focused into infinity and readable without zooming? Thanks.
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