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  1. Well, that's a great tip. The file is +37-122.dsf from simheaven latest america package. It has 4712 wind turbines defined (such as OBJECT 661 -121.691918441 37.747468910 0.000000). Unclear to me now if it is possible through this text file to specify on a per object basis the minimum number of objects setting that is required for it to show, or if it is a matter of removing quasi-duplicates. I tried to reach the simheaven author through x-plane.org but got no answer. I guess that it would be just better to find out the root cause than fix it case by case.
  2. Hello Farm into view: http://imgur.com/IUFlE0L Now, the effect is more dramatic further out as I fit more turbines into view. Farm out of view: http://imgur.com/fRdtTMD Location KSFO area: http://imgur.com/CcaL16D Close up, looks like there are too many: http://imgur.com/v0UWqtq There is no problem on being a lot of them. The problem comes when you cannot adjust to your system capacity because all the turbines are set to show with the default number of objects selected in settings, no difference between default to insane. If I were to use the tool, would I have the option to generate the scenery with all the turbines distributed among different number of objects setting, or would I have to remove them all? Any ideas why we cannot just edit the scenery to change this property (WED crashes)? Is it a possibility that as the number of objects reflected in OSM info increases, we can be hitting some kind of limit in WED? Thanks!
  3. Hello all As title says, I am having performance problems with wind turbine farms on the america simheaven world2xplane scenery. First I had it with a farm close to KPSP. I edited the corresponding DSF with WED (had to use an old version, as the current one would give me a validation error). I found in the area hundreds of wind turbines using an animated object from opensceneryX. All these object references are defined to show for the default setting of number of objects. Not surprised i had performance problems. I changed 80% of them to show only to insane number of objects and that kind of solved the problem. I had the same problem near KSFO. But this time importing 37-121.dsf where I beleive it is located crashes any version of WED or the overlay editor. Also, i have the feeling that being this a widely used package scenery but finding almost no other reports on this, that i might be looking at a different issue. But clearly the performance problems appear as soon as the turbine farms come into view and go away as they come out of view. Seems to be fairly isolated to this circumstance. Any help appreciated.
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