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  1. i know this is a dead sim i know it lacks the feature set of fsx and i don't care :) like many here i was a rwp until about 10 years ago. back then all i did was "go up and look around." it made me grin. i've flown flight sims (every one of them) since the beginning of time :) some were more realistic, some had better flight models and some had better grafics. but flight........makes me grin :) it's real enough for the vfr flying that i have done most of my life after being away from sims for several years i reinstalled fs2004, fsx and flight. i spend all my time with flight. we all have different goals with our sim flying, mine is simple vfr flight. i have never (even with tons of addons) had a better vfr experience than i get with flight. i have 2 asus gaming laptops that run all my sims at MAX smooth as silk. no more constant tweaking for a few more fps, no more compromising view quality for fps or vise versa. i don't care if anyone ever releases another flight sim. i'm grinning :) well, i'm off to explore more of alaska and then to make it back to my fbo before dark otter5555
  2. thankyou. got it now with all content. question: does the gps/radio stack work? cant figure out how to access either and the key commands dont mention gps or radio
  3. after decades of flight sims (every single one of them) i came to love ms flight after it came out. business concerns killed my sim flying (and everything else) for several years i'm starting to take some time for myself now and just rigged a new gaming laptop with flight. i'd love to find the alaska addon but it seems ms has abandoned flight as it did fsx. i did not have any dlc when i was flying flight the first time. any ideas if/how i can get the alaska dlc? i'd gladly pay for it. thanks
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