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  1. francesco.doenz

    As real as it gets....!

    Started now flying after having spent my time spotting, the traffic is just so real at a busy airport like LSGG with one hard runway that I do not have enough time inserting myself into the traffic at the runway, either an aircraft is landing or I get bumped from behind by an aircraft ....I guess I have to get faster through the checklist to take off between planes landing and taking off, or is there some way of preventing the aircraft behind to bump into my aircraft??
  2. francesco.doenz

    Transponder with "on the ground sensor"....

    Yes it was temporary!!
  3. francesco.doenz

    Spotting instead of flying....

    Yes, even after just a few days of psxt use I am already hooked on and cannot think of going back to unreal traffic at my home airport, but I guess I am lucky that at LSGG the transponders are on!!
  4. francesco.doenz

    Updating the *Subfolder parked_updates* ?

    1. Is there a way to know how many hours have been added up? 2.And I is there a benefit of adding more than 24 hours? 3.Should the added hours be of different time and different days or is it irrelevant? I am aware these are most likely basic questions but may be I am not alone? Many thanks in advance for your inputs!!
  5. Is there a difference in running PSXT 24h in a stretch or running it multiple times a few hours to get 24h to build up the parking positions in a given airport? Or otherwise stated, do all running hours of PSXT add up with time?
  6. francesco.doenz

    Live ATC?

    Well that was what I expected, unfortunately for LSGG there is only the tower to hear, and bad quality! As a ham radio operator (callsign HB9GUO, I will resort to direct listening which implies to get an adequate antenna and some more cables running in the appartement, for the pleasure of my wife...😊
  7. This morning started P3Dv4.5, PSXST, AILT, PPG, and was surprised to find at LSGG a few NEO liveries among Easyjet liveries and of course many others, inspite of having get rid yesterday of the neo liveries! Well, they were EJU's eaysyjets, so I added them and all generic NEO's were gone! Question: Is there a way to find out the exact identity of a parked plane, or do you have to wait for it to depart in order to see the red blinking labels appear over the aircraft?
  8. francesco.doenz

    Live ATC?

    I have seen on youtube that it is possible to have the ATC live with what is going on at a given airport, what kind of tweaking or addon does one need for this? Many thanks for your help!!!
  9. As a new user I suprise myself forgetting about flying while spotting the activity in real time, at least at Geneva LSGG airport where the transponders seem to function !! No other software I have known comes even close to this one! Many thanks!
  10. francesco.doenz

    Easyjet camouflaged as Airbus NEO??

    Thanks, problem solved! Fantastic software!
  11. I was surprised to find out that my missing easy jet aircraft liveries at GVA LSGG airport are in fact present, but they are camouflaged as blue and white Airbus NEO liveries!! What is the problem or the explanation, and what to do about!? Looking forward to solve the mystery!! Many thanks in advance for your inputs!!
  12. At my airport Geneva LSGG the aircrafts disappear at touchdown everytime, I guess this is due to transponders fitted with on the ground sensors and activation of Mode S of the transponder, and nothing can be done about....?
  13. francesco.doenz

    Traffic Global or Ultimate Traffic Live?

    Did you try AI LIVE TRAFFIC? In Switzerland, small country, time tables are highly accurate and are updated constantly during the day! What is your location?
  14. francesco.doenz

    Traffic Global or Ultimate Traffic Live?

    The schedules are from AI LIVE TRAFFIC, it's a new player in the AI world, and support excellent for the first days, but no forum yet....