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  1. When it becomes available for download, you should be able to install in the location of choice.
  2. The watermarks are part of the testing environment. Just ignore them and continue testing.
  3. Perhaps we will get one of those or maybe the fickel finger of fate in FSXX.
  4. They said,"Closed Beta" I understand that means the testing will be by persons selected to participate in the Beta. I would assume that an individuals active participation in the Alpha would be one of the criteria for beta selection.
  5. Back in the day, they ran into trade mark problems with a couple of the airlines. Perhaps it has reared its ugly head again. Just a WAG on my part.
  6. I viewed it as a hill hugging river. Looking on down the valley the river aqppears normal. That has plagued P3D in the past when the water climbed the shore line.
  7. QUOTE: Good News We have been able to identify the issue that prevented us from launching our Alpha build yesterday and have a fix in place. The not as good news In order for us to implement the fix we needed to do some work which will require us to once again test a new build to before we can push it live. What does this all mean Without putting out a hard date we believe we can have this resolved sooner than later. Unfortunately, while we work on testing the build, maintenance is likely to continue until the new Alpha build goes live. We understand that everyone is excited (us too) to jump in and help us test/explore the new Alpha build. As such we thank you again for your patience and understanding while we continue to work through this issue. The team has been hard at work to address this and we will continue to update you as we know more. We hope that after this has been resolved that wait will be worth it and everyone can jump back in and enjoy the latest Alpha build. Thank you again, -Microsoft Flight Simulator Team- UNQUOTE
  8. I have the 9900K running at 4.9 on all cores. Works great for me.
  9. For me the folder structure appears the same as it has before. Have you posted on the Lockheed Martin support forum?
  10. If you have City scape Portland installed, it is hard on the frames.
  11. Try the Windows control panel, devices.
  12. Have you tried Orbx Central? You should talk to the Orbx folks about you problem.
  13. P3D has released HF2 and Chase plane has probably updated.
  14. Have you asked for support on the Orbx site?
  15. dexthom


    Look at your p3d.exe. The file version should be D
  16. I only updated the client and so far I have very good performance with no problems.
  17. Thie is from Lockheed: "3rd Party Software (Add On's) after a Client update Completing a Client Update will mostly effect Utilities like Active Sky Next, Active Sky 2016, FSUIPC, Flight1 GTN 750\650, SODE, Chaseplane, Orbx ObjectFlow and EZdok Just to name a few. In most cases Software Developers will be releasing Updates to there Programs\Utilities to coincide with the release of a new Client update"
  18. One of the features is "Static AI". I think that they mean static aircraft.
  19. Open P3D v4 folder. Find Prepar3D.exe and right click. Click on properties then details. Look at product version. If you have P3Dv4 running, you can click on help and look at about.
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