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  1. I don’t think you know how p3d works sir
  2. It is because to get rid if it you have to turn to -100 and then one more
  3. Halbi

    KMIA line drawing

    Yes I read your comment and yes i do have charts. The line drawing problem was that I made a direct from the last waypoint before the interception fix (forgot the name, the one before dhp) to the interception fix. I don't know if the real 74 would draw it like it did. The order in the fmc was correct Btw I used a pfpx route
  4. Halbi

    KMIA line drawing

    I will put up the screenshot tomorrow. You will see what i mean. I know that one will be vectored around but still the fmc shouldn't draw the lines the way it did. You will see tomorrow
  5. Halbi

    KMIA line drawing

    i know thats why i deleted it. but the line drawing is completely off. i sadly dont know how to upload the screenshot i did..
  6. its FOWEE8 into 08L and i deleted DHP out of the plan. how can i add a screenshot of the problem?
  7. Okay maybe it wasn't a good idea to read the manual at 1am I only found the part with it saying the pumps turn off automatically in the updated version. Thanks guys!
  8. okay i just returned to my flight and it says fuel imbalance because the main 2 and 3 tanks are empty because of the crossfeed being open all night. so is the advise to just turn off the crossfeeds prior to leaving the flight deck for some sleep?
  9. Okay I'll check it out. I'm sorry I just iverflew it ^^
  10. Is it possible to get a feature where the changes in fuel pump configuration happen automatically? I'm currently doing a long haul and let it fly while I sleep. I know the fuel low Centre message is going to come eventually. Will it harm the aircraft if they stay on all night? I think in real life they would overheat.. Anyways congrats on this amazing bird!
  11. Okay it works now. I already had them set up via the normal settings but I forgot to turn off the fsuipc calibration.
  12. Okay I will do some flying tomorrow with it being set via default controls (although I'm not sure if it's not already set that way). I will report back tomorrow
  13. happend on all of my flights. after vacating the runway i turn the autobrakes from disarmed to off and that results in a deceleration down to a few knots GS. is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  14. Halbi

    Wing flex during turbulence

    I also wondered. The outboard engines go up and down quite a big distance even in relatively light turbulence. But I have no real life references as I never flew with it
  15. Oh okay. So I just fell for one of the querks of this wonderful aircraft Thank you!