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  1. Hello. It's probably in this forum already, but please remind my how to run the MakeRwys for X-Plane. Thank you, FSV1142 Kenny
  2. Thank you for the reply, but did Pet Dowson create XPUIPC for X-Plane 11???? RC4 works fine with FSX and P3Dv2, but they use Pete's FSUIPC.
  3. Hello. I don't know why, but Radar Contact is crashing about halfway through my flights.
  4. It couldn't be that simple, could it? It would rate up there with forgetting to raze the flap and wondering why my airspeed is sow low. Thank you for all the help, that fixed it.
  5. Thank you for the help, sorry I haven't got back with you sooner, but it's been a busy work week. No I don't see "Program Generated Temporray Scenario.rcd" in P3D's Documents\Prepar3D Files v2 or in FSX's doc\Flight Simulator X Files.
  6. RC4 is my E:Drive, RC4 starts just fine, but crashes after I get clearance and start push back and yes crashes with all aircraft. Maybe I should reinstall P3D, there might be something in my install of P3D that RC does not like.
  7. Thanks again Ray. Yes I do have the latest FSUIPS and MakeRwys. This my be part of the problem, I'm running windows 10 Pro. The readme in the MakeRwys folder says to install Net 4.5.1 installed on your computer, but Windows 10 will not let me install it. http://www.fsvintageair.com/Flight_plans/KFAT_KSLC.zip
  8. Thank you for the reply, but how do I encoded as UTF-8???
  9. Thank you for the replay. How do I encoded the flightplan? I export my flight plane through Little Navmap. I'm running Windows 10 Pro and I am running RC4 as Admin and running P3D as Admin
  10. Hello. I'm getting a run time error 76, This is how the flight plan looks when it's imported into rc4. I've tried removing alpha/numeric characters, but no joy. However rc4 does not crash with X-Plane 11.
  11. Hello. I'm trying to download and install FreeMeshX Global 2.0 from this link http://www.mediafire.com/file/wf4m97ck0v15w2n/fmx_global_2.0_downloader.zip The file seems to download fine, but when I try to run the dl_fmx_asia batch file it crashes and this.............. My computer is Windows 7 64bit. Thank you for your help, Kenny
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