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  1. So, I had P3D v4.1 working fine with a preset I liked - I upgraded P3D to v4.2 and the PTA tool too. But preset was giving errors, so I thought I would revert back to older version and back to v4.1 P3D. I uninstalled ALL of P3D and re-installed. When running PTA Tool, it shows errors like this one... ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\Flight Sim Stuff\PTA2\SHADERS_BACKUP\General.fx not found Looking in the backup folder it has nothing in there as they got deleted - but it also does not ask for me to create a new backup as it's a fresh install? Any help would be great! Thanks
  2. I always hate it when you try and find an answer to a problem but threads do not conclude, so here is my conclusion... The reinstall worked and I now have the walkaround working again. I also didn't lose my old cameras so that's good too. Hope this can help the next guy :)
  3. Ok I'll have to have a look - cheers
  4. Hi, So it's been a while since I have been able to jump on the sim but I went on and let ChasePlane update - then started fsx se. I loaded a flight with my trusty A2A Comanche and pressed shift-8 to bring up the walkaround 2D panel. So far so good. As soon as I click the arrow on the panel to move to the next or previous item, it doesn't change view properly and opens up a load of A2A 2D panels. This used to work for me when I was last in the sim by pressing the previous item arrow but now none of them work. Has anyone else had this problem? Sorry if this has been reported already I did a search but didn't see anything. Thanks Jim
  5. UKJim


    I didn't and that file also appeared on my desktop
  6. OK, so this is because the mouse is visible when panning around the cockpit using the middle mouse button. When panning over VC buttons/dials/switches the mouse sometimes changes form i.e. into a hand. This change in form is causing a stutter. So when you pan from from one side to the other, or on the overhead panel in the VC where there are lots of buttons, the stutters are very noticeable. This is not so bad on GA planes and also in the NGX, but in the PMDG 777 it is REALLY bad. Would it be possible to have an option to hide the mouse cursor when panning?? Thanks,
  7. Not sure if it's just me but when I import presets from another plane it does not include turbulence effects? Also in order to get a copy of turbulence effects I have to add the camera with the effects first, copy effects and delete the camera. Not a huge issue but useful to have a way to copy just turbulence effects. One of the fixes in the latest version is to close ChasePlane on ecit of FSX but this does not work for me. Not a big problem tbh. When copying presets from another plane it doesn't include the shortcuts assigned to them - once again something for the future. I cannot wait until the community sharing feature is available as I'm pants at making the turbulent effects on the cams lol. Cheers guys UKJim
  8. In the VC I always have my zoom set to 0.65 and this works well also with ChasePlane focal setting too.
  9. UKJim

    Thanks a lot once again

    Thanks Keven I'll definitely keep you posted on my findings. I'll be on the sim again today but away from the stream see what I come up with.
  10. OK so not a lot of people may know me but I stream on Twitch only GA aircraft mainly the A2A Comanche. I have used EZDok for such a long time and it's done its job well. But when I watched some videos about ChasePlane I had to get it. It is in alpha stage and being a software applications tester myself I was expecting a whole load of defects and crashes - to my surprise it was quite the opposite for me. In my opinion it is more than stable enough to replace my trusty EZDok. I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great tool and also a special thanks to Keven for joining my stream tonight. I lost my streaming software scenes so unfortunately you cannot see the chat but if you would like to see me get all excited about ChasePlane check out my youtube video... As I say it's already proven its worth over EZDok in this alpha stage. The future looks bright with things to come. If you own A2A aircraft then perform your walk around backwards like my video. Make sure you start in a pilot view position. Now just a couple of things I'd like to see in the future of ChasePlane... 1. The ability to have separate transition times for each category of cameras. Fast transition in the VC but slow transition on outside views 2. Auto-quit after the sim has closed. 3. Set default camera to load first time a flight is loaded. None of these are huge - just requests. The interface can be a bit glitchy so settings not saving for individual cameras but I tried it again and it worked fine. Once again not huge issue once you get your cameras setup. I'll carry on having a mess with the alpha and any defects I'll pass on Sorry if there are typos or dodgy spelling mistakes I sent this off my phone. Take care UKJim - P.S. Superb how you can import EZDok cam sets!
  11. Does anyone else get this and does anyone know of a fix? Cheers
  12. UKJim

    EGLL Heathrow - strange approach in 737NGX

    I found out that the waypoint causing the issue was the (intc) waypoint shown above. Removing this caused the plan to be correct. I did not have to modify altitudes or speeds for this to correct itself so that was good too. Looks like a quirky feature of the NGX and that transition. Cheers Jim
  13. So I programmed in the following route into the FMC of the PMDG 737 and when I got to the STAR it had the following... EGNM POL DTY EGLL STAR - BNN1C TRANS - BNN Before I fill out the INIT REF page the approach looks like the charts over at NATS but as soon as I fill that out and execute it puts in this 'loop'? I'm using the latest Airac cycle 1513. Cruise altitude of FL190 so not too high for an easy descent. Pax 150 and cargo 2000lbs split between front and back holds. If anyone can shine light on this I'd be grateful Thanks