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  1. In the FCOM I found, it's part of the Taxi Checklist, which makes even more sense to me, due to the parking break off requirement. It's the same in the Q400, it's performed during taxi. But it works either way! 🙂 Regards, Bruno.
  2. Hi, I had this problem and in my case the trim was not in the green band. I had set it according to the calculated value, but it gave me a value outside the range. Regards, Bruno.
  3. Hello, In Mk Studios' latest facebook announcement today, they stated that Rome is still in development, though no release timeline for now, as they have an update pending for MSFS, which will come out first, and then be converted to P3D. They also said they are not dropping P3D, "but waiting to see future updates and possible next version". Regards, Bruno.
  4. Hi, Have you tried Little Navmap? By default it does not include Google maps, but you can download them from this link: Regards, Bruno.
  5. The menu comes up with the ESC key, but by pressing P (regular pause), the sim freezes and you can still rotate the camera and explore the cockpit. I guess the main difference is that with the Pause key (active pause) the aircraft systems are still running and you can press buttons, only the aircraft won't move. Bruno.
  6. Hi, In order to unpause, just press ctrl+P. Regards, Bruno.
  7. Hi, It' my understanding that the phraseology should also be kept for text communiations, but it definitely is less restrict. Regards, Bruno.
  8. Yes, and even when you select "Text Only", many controllers will ask you if you are able to receive voice. Regards, Bruno.
  9. Well, there you have it! Thanks for this and sorry all for spreading wrong information 😣 Cheers!
  10. Hi, As the wind throws the aircraft off the route path, it keeps trying to correct the deviation by banking, since the dash has no auto rudder. Therefore, you need to adjust rudder trim manually to eliminate that. In the PFD, look for the triangles on top of the horizontal stabilizer and adjust rudder trim until the triangles align. I think this is the explanation, others please correct me if I'm wrong! Regards, Bruno.
  11. Hi jozeff, There is a clickspot on the upper right corner, if i'm not mistaken, that enlarges the MCDU bit by bit every time you press it, making it almost fill the tablet screen. I use a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and I think it looks ok. I have the aviaworx CDU for the PMDG 777 and for the Majestic Q400, but I see no reason to purchase a license for the FSLabs, because for me the native one does the job just the same. But I might be missing something, it has happened a lot before... Regards, Bruno.
  12. Hi, Some weeks ago I asked Ben the same question via the chat system on the airline2sim website. He quickly responded saying that by the time they filmed the FO program, Josh's company changed their SOP to let the engine intakes on through the whole flight, because they were wearing out from being turned on and off all the time. Hope this helps! Regards, Bruno.
  13. Hi, Have you tried to open the link inside the e-mail? It goes to a page that says they're only upgrading our accounts, you are not being charged. Regards, Bruno
  14. Nevermind, I was able to purchase and activate normally. Regards, Bruno.
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