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  1. Hello Edfair! I have almost the entire cockpit so I do not need any FOW. What I lack is TQ and rudder. I'm also obsessed with everything to be as close to reality as possible and then will not do your panel! I chose Simworld panels but because it is so complex to fix backlight, I would have chosen FDS with my current knowledge. But thanks for informarionen! Jacob
  2. I have been a Cockpit builder for several years now and like many, I have tried to mimic the Boeing 737-800. I use other software for now but there are several features and systems not functioning properly. I bought the PMDG NGX as one of the first airplane I bought for FSX and quickly realized that it was incredibly advanced. Everything from flight characteristics, engine, hydraulics modeling. I've always loved PMDG and been impressed with what they managed to accomplish. Ever since iFly anonserad their home cockpit builder version, rumors spread that PMDG will release a cockpit builder version. But it has been very quiet about this. I have tried to interpret what Rob Randazzo says in the film: 4:23 minutes into this movie: In my interpretation, the simple answer is No. A friend of mine has programed C++ and interfac the entire MIP. Even FDS JetMax seems to have solved it. But then instruments, Overhead and DUs remaining, and problems using the NGX with many computers? Is there a hardware company that interfaced the entier Overhead Panel? But if you think more complex on the answer, it is YES. Why? For that there is money and publicity to gain from having a cockpit builder version. No TV company will be filming someone who has a computer and a joystick, but there are several TV companies who filmed those with a home cockpit. If they can say that they use the PMDG this would give publicity. It seems that it will be possible to interfac NGX, but not that there will be a version adapted for cockpit building, that is to say, not so advanced 3D cockpit that uses large amounts of computing power. Hardware companies want obviously to be able to interfaca PMDG aircraft, because then they can sell hardware to those who purchased a PMDG aircraft. But it is not as obvious that the hardware companies that make for example Pokey cards want to interfac PMDG! But why would you want to use Pokey instead of FDS or CPflight. They are perfectly suited hardware for flight simulator. The simple answer is money. Can I get away with 150 euros to get the switches to work in the cockpit. Instead of 350, I try to do it. Everything to everyone who wants to be welcomed into the cockpit builder family. The first question to PMDG are: 1) Is it not easy for PMDG to support hardware, because they already have fully completed modeling of aircraft systems? Or is it two different questions? One of the things that is still a problem with whether to use NGX when building home cockpit is (DUs) (All displays). If you build a full cockpit, you need a number of screens for instruments: two screens cronometer, 4 screens DUs, two screens CDUs. Even the outside view of the aircraft requires 1-3 screens or projectors. Then it is more economical to have more computers than using a computer with super motherboards and four graphics cards. You need all the power you can get to run FSX, especially when using multiple views! It also appears that most cockpit software uses OpenGL for display. Which gives razor sharp instruments! 2) Is it not easy for PMDG to make a program that can connect to NGX and show its displays? 3) Finally, can anyone who knows anything give any hope for us building cockpit? Sincerely, Jacob
  3. Hi there! I am a 737 home cockpit builders! I've been thinking about what weather program you should have? I have REX Essential. But there are two things I do not like about it. 1) It takes too long to start the program and get the weather. 2) There is insufficient detail in the weather! I thought I would buy one of these two programs but do not know which one? (Active Sky 2012 vs Active Sky Evolution) Which program offers more advantages than the other? I lean against Active Sky Evolution? But what do you think? Is it any of the programs that have advantage over the other for me as cockpit builders?
  4. I got a Ryanair FCOM2 and I'm looking a bit into it. It says what to write, to put a waypoint on the route! But I can not insert a waypoint in the LEGS page! (Along the route) Examples. "GG711 / 5" The ESGG STAR to 03 It should end up 5 NM along the route ahead of GG711 Manually Entered Along–Track Waypoint Names Along–track waypoints are a special case of place–bearing/distance waypoints applied to the current route. When a waypoint is desired on the route where none exists, the along–track waypoint feature creates the desired waypoint without creating a route discontinuity. Along–track waypoints are entered using the waypoint name (the place), followed by a slash and minus sign, for points before the waypoint, or no sign for points after the waypoint, followed by the mileage offset for the newly defined waypoint. The route course takes the place of the bearing which is not entered. The created waypoint is then inserted over the original waypoint. The distance offset must be less than the distance between the originating waypoint and next (positive value) or preceding (negative value) waypoint. Latitude and longitude waypoints cannot be used to create along–track waypoints. Examples: • VAMPS/25 is 25 miles after VAMPS on the present route, and is displayed as VAM01 • ELN/–30 is 30 miles before ELN on the present route,and is displayed as ELN01.
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