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  1. Are there any military virtual airlines/squadrons that publish fighter sorties to be flown offline? Thanks
  2. I'm looking to join a VA with an active community. I've seen a handful that have plenty of features but no active community to back them up. Any out there that have an active online community? Particularly I'm looking for: -Active online community -Short hops, time accel allowed, or otherwise not requiring an excessive time commitment -Ability to quickly be able to fly 737 after registering. Probably goes hand in hand with short hops ha Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I was wondering if I could get some input on a cabin crew addon for FSX - particularly comparing FS2Crew to FSCaptain. I really enjoy that FSCaptain "monitors" your flying and makes comments on things like ice, steep bank angels, and the like. It really adds to the ambiance in the cockpit and challenges you to fly better, but the FO doesn't read through procedures. FS2Crew I know is top notch in the procedures side of things but does the FS2Crew reboot make the same sort of comments on the situation, or does the FO just read through checklists and take commands? If anyone has both, which do you prefer? Thanks!
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